Luxembourg Prime Minister in “serious” stability at COVID-19

Brussels-Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel is in a “serious but stable” state and will be hospitalized for up to four more days after failing to have a seizure of COVID-19, which was developed more than a week ago. Said.

In a statement, he added that the administration of state affairs will be taken over by Treasury Minister Pierre Gramenha for the foreseeable future.

Vettel, 48, was diagnosed with insufficient oxygen saturation and was forced to be under medical surveillance from the weekend. He also suffered from coronavirus symptoms such as coughing, headaches and fever.

“The prime minister’s condition is serious but considered stable,” the government said.

Since he quarantined himself last week, Vettel has been working as remote as possible and through video conferencing.

He was taken on Sunday for 24-hour examinations and medical analysis, which continued on Monday afternoon.

The European Union Commission has shown that Vettel was relatively strong. “We understand and certainly want it to be a check, not a serious one,” said EU spokeswoman Dana Spinant.

EU Commission President Ursula von der Reyen tweeted that he wanted a “very quick recovery” and tweeted: In the meantime, take a break and take care of yourself. “

Vettel announced his positive test shortly after attending the European Union summit for two days with 26 other leaders of Brock. At first, he experienced only mild symptoms. But on Sunday he had to be hospitalized. Vettel was scheduled to receive one COVID-19 vaccine in May and a second AstraZeneca vaccination on July 1.

“It was a pity that he tested positive just before that,” officials said.

The organizers of the EU summit said they were confident that all virus precautions were adhered to during the two-day meeting. So far, no other leader has said he or she is positive on the test.

EU leaders have been tackling the risk of transmitting the virus at one of many conferences for over a year. Most of their summits were held through video conferencing and required long face-to-face negotiations only when important issues were addressed. Leaders gathered at EU headquarters.

Last summer, a four-day summit on budget and COVID-19 recovery plans was held in a European building, with the greatest social distance. Many of the toughest negotiation sessions were even held on outdoor sundeck on top of mountaintop buildings to further reduce the risk of infection.

The two-day summit, which ended 10 days ago, addressed a series of imminent issues, but much of the focus was on the conflict over LGBT issues between Hungary and most other EU countries. .. Vettel, who is married to a man, played a central role in defending the rights of LGBT people.

By Raf Casert

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