Lytton’s “sense of the future” if homes are rebuilt by this time next year: BC Minister


The British Columbia Minister of Public Security said he hopes that many homes and municipal infrastructure destroyed by the wildfire in Lytton will be rebuilt by this time next year.

Mike Fernworth said on June 30, last year, that refugees would have a sense of the future to return home after 90% of the village was burned down during a record heat wave.

Debris is being removed and there is a possibility that reconstruction will begin in September to improve water and sewage systems.

Fernworth says he understands the frustration of many residents who have been out of the house for a year while the state works with First Nations to recognize the challenges of important archaeological sites.

Experts believe that the village was occupied by indigenous peoples about 10,000 years ago, and the minister rebuilt the importance as all residents need to obtain a permit of about $ 10,000. It’s said to be complicated.

According to Fernworth, the state has streamlined the process by retaining site-wide permits and paying for them, so residents, with or without insurance, are one less worried.

“What I want people to know is that we are working on rebuilding. We are working very hard to rebuild Congress, in collaboration with Congress and the indigenous peoples. “He says.

According to Fernworth, supply chain problems and the turmoil caused by the highway system partially wiped out between atmospheric rivers last fall have delayed the rebuilding of communities that are more resilient to fire. Was added to.

The Insurance Bureau of Canada recently said wildfires are estimated to have caused more than $ 100 million in insurance damages.

Fernworth said the government would consider including heat waves in the post-fire emergency program law, which killed two people.

The state recently invested $ 21 million in hiring local government officials and fire protection services to enable construction to begin, in addition to reconstruction efforts.

Earlier this month, the federal government announced $ 77 million in funding to help rebuild a fire-resistant and energy-efficient community.

Canadian press