M-san, Angels are involved in a big brawl on the pitch, and eight people are sent off


Anaheim, CA (AP) — Seattle Mariners and Los Angeles Angels engaged in two long full-team brawls on Sunday after two days of inner ball tensions boiled.

Both the manager and the six players stopped and started twice before Raisel Iglesias of the Angels Closer returned to the empty field to throw another bucket of sunflower seed tubs and gum into the infield. I left later.

Three of the first four batters in the Seattle lineup were sent off and three angel pitchers were thrown.

Seattle’s Jesse Winker was struck by the Angels’ opening round Andrew Wantz in two opening ceremonies. Andrew Wantz also pitched behind the head of Mariners’ second batter Julio Rodriguez in the first inning.

The first pitch to Rodriguez certainly seemed to be a response to Erik Swanson’s 95 mph fastball near Mike Trout’s head on Saturday night for the ninth time. This is a throw that infuriated ALMVP three times. The referees gathered after the pitch, but only warned both dugouts.

Winker responded to being beaten by angry yelling and gesturing at the Angels dugout, and after both the bench and the bullpen were emptied, the two camps rushed into each other. The brawl lasted about four minutes, and it seemed that people from both teams threw multiple punches.

When Winker finally left the field, he appeared to be making obscene gestures to the jealous Angels fans behind the Seattle dugout.

After the team returned to Doug Out, Iglesias returned shortly after, throwing sunflower seeds and gum, screaming at the referee.

Los Angeles interim manager Phil Nevin and Seattle’s Scott Survey have been sent off. The Angels lost Wants, Iglesias and Relief Ryan Tepera, and Winker, Rodriguez and JP Crawford were thrown into the Mariners.

The scoreless game was delayed by about 18 minutes, with Pinch runner Adam Frazier reopening in Seattle and Joses Ares on the Los Angeles mound.

After the Angels won four out of five in Seattle last week, AL West rivals held their eighth meeting in 11 days to wipe out the Mariners in Anaheim.


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