M1 Mac computers can now run Adobe Premiere Pro natively



In December last year, Adobe launched Premiere Pro for M1 Mac computers. beta version, In the July update of Premiere ProOfficially announcedThe program can natively support M1 Mac computers. Apple said that the native version “from opening the program to saving the video, all steps are faster, and the video editing is also very smooth.” In addition, the power consumption rate of running on the M1 Mac computer is also significantly reduced, and they have also added Added Adobe Sensei functions such as automatic cropping.

Appleā€™s computer products last year Starting in NovemberSwitching to its own ARM architecture M1 processor, Adobe immediately supported the new platform and launched the Apple Silicon version in December LightroomAnd will be released in March PhotoshopAt present, users no longer need Rosetta 2 to interpret these several Adobe’s most commonly used programs. Premiere Pro also comes with a series of functions that do not require a new Mac computer to enjoy in the July update. The most eye-catching feature is of course the addition of the voice-to-text function, which can automatically add subtitles to the video.