Machine Gun Kelly revealed that he had almost committed suicide while calling Megan Fox in the “dark” hours after his father’s death.


Wearing Megan Fox in a low-cut dress with thigh slits and flowers on the sleeves of Machine Gun Kelly, a sparkling shirt and cropped blazer with spikes on the shoulders and arms of the Billboard Music Awards red carpet.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly attended the 2022 Billboard Music Awards together.MRC Matt Winkel Meyer / Getty Images

  • Machine Gun Kelly talked about the incident of eating a loaded shotgun.

  • In his new documentary, the singer said he is now calling Megan Fox.

  • He said the moment was an awakening call to him to “kick the medicine” for Fox and his daughter.

Machine Gun Kelly talked about the case where he put a loaded shotgun in his mouth while he was talking to him. Now-Fiancé Megan Fox on the phone.

In him New Hulu Documentary “Machine Gun Kelly’s Pink Life” Released on Monday, the singer, whose real name is Corson Baker, talks about how the death of his father in July 2020 on the anniversary of his album “Hotel Diablo” affected him. did. After the death of his father, Kelly met one of his father’s neighbors and told him “all these things I didn’t want to hear”, after which he couldn’t “close” his He said he made the condition worse. conversation.

“I never left my room and it really, really, really started to get dark,” he said. “Megan went to Bulgaria to make a movie. I started to have this really wild delusion, just as I had the delusion that someone was coming and trying to kill me.”

Kelly said he was sleeping with a shotgun next to his bed at the time. In the end, he said, “Just shit snapped.” He called Fox and told her she wasn’t “here for me.”

Image of Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox.

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox.Kevin Mazur / iHeartMedia Getty Images

“I’m in my room and I’m surprised here … Hey, I ate a shotgun,” he said. He then said Fox was “completely silent” because the bullet was jammed when Fox tried to cock the shotgun.

The singer said the case was his awakening call to “this time actually kick the drug” for both Fox and his daughter, Casey Baker, whom he shares with his ex-Emma Cannon. rice field.

“It was like I started to realize something was wrong,” Kelly pointed to his head in a documentary.

Kelly talked about his mental health in the past, Talk to Dave Franco in an interview magazine In December 2020 he was seeking treatment.

“Currently, the medicine I choose is not a commitment to vices that I believed made art, but a commitment to happiness and art,” he said in an interview, and the treatment was Machine Gun Kelly and Corson Baker.

In his new documentary, the singer is he Engaged in January, Became “like the sun” for him.Kelly wrote his song “Twin Flame” for Fox, the singer said. Dedicate his performance to her at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards.

“I know I know her in many other lives,” he said in a documentary.

“Life in Pink” Currently available on Hulu..

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