Machine Gun Kelly’s guitarist’s week, from 5 hour car trips to fangirling at festivals

Guitarist performing on stage in front of Machine Gun Kelly.

Sophie Lloyd is a touring musician with over 848,000 followers on YouTube.TikTok: sophieguitar_, Sophie Lloyd

  • Sophie Lloyd is a musician and performer with over 400,000 followers on TikTok.

  • She shared a video showing a week of her life as the guitarist for Machine Gun Kelly.

  • The upload received over 2.9 million views and over 1,500 comments.

The guitarist who plays live with Machine Gun Kelly took a sneak peek into her lifestyle in a TikTok documenting her week as a touring musician with the star.

On December 16, 2022, Sophie Lloyd, 27, video Over 400,000 followers on TikTok The screen is captioned, “A week of my life as the guitarist for Machine Gun Kelly.” At the beginning of her two-minute vlog, which has been viewed over 2.9 million times, Lloyd can be seen playing guitar alongside the singer on stage.

In his narration, Lloyd said he was there to rehearse songs for Kelly’s “Mainstream Sellout” album tour after flying from London to Los Angeles, California and briefly filming a hotel room.

“We added some extras, including his new song ‘Taurus,’ and also wrote a new intro for the show,” she said.

The next night, Lloyd said he went to see the band’s drummer play at a charity event and showed him a clip of the moment “joining him on stage.”

Lloyd then flew to Tampa, Florida, to play several festivals, including “Next Big Thing,” where he said he filmed the band’s soundcheck, and that he had some free time to play. said I could see the band. All Time Low, she said she had a “major fangirl moment.”

Throughout the video, she showed “pre-show rituals and chants.” This featured Kelly and the rest of the band appearing to point at the ceiling with their arms spread out before “hitting the stage and rocking out”.

“This was such a fun gig,” Lloyd said in the video narration, showing a clip of himself during the performance and a clip of him collapsing on stage in front of the crowd.

After a five-hour drive to his next destination in Miami, Florida, Lloyd said he checked into a hotel at “6 a.m. or something” and “chilled” on the rooftop the next day. Bay.

Later that night, Lloyd showed a clip of him performing at Fort Lauderdale’s Odasea Beach Festival, followed by a “celebration dinner” that included flambĂ©ed fish.

The video ends by saying Lloyd returned to London the next day. In her TikTok caption, she wrote, “Overall a very good week.

The video received over 163,000 likes and 1,400 comments as viewers responded by praising Lloyd’s talent.

Lloyd has gained a following of 848,000 subscribers on youtube where she shares guitar lesson and song coverAccording to her Official websiteLloyd began playing guitar around the age of 10, influenced by bands such as ‘Iron Maiden’, ‘Black Label Society’ and ‘Pantera’.

She plans to release a solo album later this year titled ‘Imposer Syndrome’. in November interview Speaking to NME, she said:

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