Macron slaps his face during a walk in southeastern France

[Paris, France]When French President Emmanuel Macron was taking a walk in Southern France on Tuesday, a man among a large number of spectators hit the face of French President Emmanuel Macron.

Macron’s guards pulled the man to the ground and kept him away. BFM TV and RMC Radio reported that the two had been arrested.

Prime Minister Jean Castex said the attack was an insult to democracy.

Macron visited the Drome region of southeastern France, met with restaurant owners and students, and talked about returning to normal life after the COVID-19 epidemic.

In a video spread on social media, Macron in a shirt sleeve was seen walking towards a large number of applicants standing behind a metal barrier.

He reached out to a man in a green T-shirt, wearing glasses and a face mask.

I heard the man screaming “with Macronia” (“Bass La Macronie”) and slapped Macron’s face.

I also heard the screams of “Montjoie Saint Denis,” the battle voice of the French army when France was still a monarchy.

Two of Macron’s guards worked on a man in a green T-shirt, and another drove Macron away. Macron stayed close to the crowd for a short time, gesturing to someone on the other side of the barrier before the guards moved him.

The Elysee Palace said there was an attempt to attack Macron, but declined further comments.

In 2016, then-Minister of Economy, Macron was thrown an egg by a left-wing trade union member during a strike against labor reform. Macron described the case as “natural” and said it did not interfere with his determination.

Two years later, an incident occurred in which rebel “Yellow Vest” activists angered Macron and booed him, saying that government allies upset the president.

The identity and motives of the man who slapped Macron are unknown.

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