Mad Max Part 1 “Furiosa” filmed in New South Wales

Prime Minister Gladys Berejikrian Confirmed The film became “the largest film ever filmed” in New South Wales (NSW), bringing an estimated $ 350 million to the state’s economy and creating 850 jobs.

“This is great news for New South Wales. Friosa is expected to support more than 850 local jobs and bring about $ 350 million to New South Wales’ economy,” said Beregikrian. It was. “New South Wales is home to this major production and will boost the state’s economy as a whole with filming in many locations, including western Sydney and the New South Wales region.”

“Our government is incredibly proud of the talent we have. We want to harness it here in New South Wales,” she said. “We use it to create jobs, build industries and make sure Sydney, New South Wales and Australia are cultural icons.”

Federal Arts Minister Paul Fletcher added that securing production is an important victory for Australia’s expanding screen industry.

“We are experiencing a huge global production boom that will be filmed in Australia,” Fletcher said.

“The Australian Government is clearly focused on helping the Australian screen sector to seize this opportunity.”

The fourth movie, Fury Road, earned $ 375 million ($ 485 million) at box office worldwide and took a total of 12 years to win six Oscars.

State Treasurer Dominique Perotet added that there is no better place to make an international blockbuster than New South Wales.

“We employ 56% of Australia’s screen industry and have a business,” says Perotet.

“It’s showtime in New South Wales, which means you can work not only in the arts, but also in the trade, hospitality, and transportation sectors.”

The $ 175 million Made in NSW Fund, PDV Rebate, and the Australian Government’s 40% Producer Offset also played a major role in securing NSW production.

Attracting Friosa to New South Wales is a crucial moment for the local screen industry, where blockbusters have been booming lately, said Minister of the Arts Don Harwin.

“Everything about Friosa is thrilling. I hope this large-scale production will further strengthen NSW’s position as a driving force for highly competitive filmmaking to deliver high-end international productions. I know, “says Harwin.

“Thanks to the support of the NSW State Government’s Made in NSW Foundation, we are excited to call Furiosa his hometown.”

George Miller said it was great to see the Mad Max franchise return to Australia.

“We are deeply grateful for the advice and support of the Government of Beregicrian and the CEO of Screen Australia, Graham Mason, and the Head of Screen NSW, Graham Brandsdon. Support from the Government of Australia and the Government of New South Wales. Was extremely important. They made it possible to turn the film into a green light, shoot it in Australia, and put the production in our home state, “Miller said.

Miller explained Furiosa Battalion As Saga, “On the other hand Fury Road It happened essentially in 3 days and 2 nights, but it happened over the years.

“This will be familiar to those who know it. Mad max,in particular Fury RoadBut again it will be unique, “Miller said.

Mirror will shoot Furiosa Battalion After finishing the post-production of the current movie “3000 Years of Longing”..

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