Madeline McCann’s parents agree to DNA test of woman who claims to be missing child

Hugo Correia/Reuters

Hugo Correia/Reuters

A Polish woman with a complicated childhood, a coloboma in her right eye and a mole on her leg, British toddler Madeleine McCann who has Missing since 2007 rear disappear from the resort in Portugal.

Julia Faustyna, 21, also known as Julia Wandelt or Julia Wendell, says she doesn’t remember much of her childhood except for vacations spent in hot places with white apartments. She said, “She remembers seeing [turtles] The beach was a small bay as far as I remember seeing [turtles] Then there were other kids and they tried to touch a little [turtles]I don’t see my family in this memory,” she wrote on the Instagram account @iammadeleinemccann, which she launched over the weekend.

McCann, who has an eye defect known as coloboma in his right eye in the same place as Faustina, was seen in a room with his twin brother on the evening of May 3, while his parents were dining with friends at a nearby tapas bar. I was sleeping. 2007 in Praia da Luz, Portugal. Police immediately suspected that her parents were involved in her disappearance.

Faustyna said she learned about McCann’s case from her grandmother. She also posted a photo of herself as a child, and they definitely look alike. “I have to know the truth. I need a DNA test and I need to talk to Madeleine’s parents. Help!”

She also posted a police sketch from McCann’s missing persons page of a man many say was seen holding a young child at a resort the night she went missing. “I recognize this person.. very similar to my abuser,” she said. I have written“The police are ignoring me and I need your help.”

A spokeswoman for the McCann family said they would not comment publicly on the matter, but a close friend of the family confirmed to The Daily Beast that the McCann family is willing to pursue Reid. He wrote on his Instagram page that the McCann family agreed to submit their DNA for testing. “Thank you for your support! Kate and Jerry McCann agreed to a DNA test!”

The McCanns are believed to agree to the test.

Faustina also posted a tearful video in which her family condemned her story and told her it was “horrible” for giving hope to the McCann family that she might be a missing child. On Tuesday morning, Faustina named Fia Johansson as spokesperson. Johansson confirmed that she had been in touch with the McCann family since her allegations of Faustina went public, she posted that Faustina had been mentally exhausted by her abuse online. bottom.

The only suspect in the disappearance is Christian Br├╝ckner, 45, from Germany, who is serving a seven-year sentence in Germany for raping a 72-year-old American woman. He worked as a handyman at the same resort where McCann went missing and was found in possession of a little girl’s swimsuit and child pornography years after his arrest. Although he has been charged with a number of sex crimes, so far no formal charges have been filed in connection with McCann’s disappearance.

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