Madeline McKahn was sold to Pedling, who killed her prosecutor.

Reuters / Muddy Campaign Search / Italian Carabinieri

Reuters / Muddy Campaign Search / Italian Carabinieri

Just a few days shy about what will happen Madeline McKahnn’s 19th birthday, Break the case It points out that everyone is most afraid that Briton was kidnapped, sold and killed by a pedophile sex ring who worked in the area when he died 15 years ago.

Thousands of hints and hundreds of sightings led to a deadlock until Christian Bruckner was officially nominated as a suspect on April 22, this year. A 45-year-old German, who has been imprisoned for raping a 72-year-old American in the same village where McCann disappeared, has denied participation in the crime. However, Hans Christian Walters first spoke to a Portuguese television channel and then confirmed to the Daily Beast that there was evidence that he was at the center of his disappearance.

Christian Bruckner hoards girl’s swimsuit and child pornography to kidnap Madeline McKahn

Walters believes that Bruckner kidnapped McCann in a pedophile sex ring and then killed her. It was not possible to sell her or use it in illegal underage porn, probably due to media attention to her case.

German police investigating Bruckner found a little girl’s swimsuit and a large amount of child pornography cash in the camper he lived in while working as a handyman at the resort when McCann disappeared. ..

Walter says the new evidence they have isn’t forensic, but local media in Portugal said she wore the girl’s pink when she was pulled out of bed in May 2007. It may be a thread of pajamas.

Bruckner’s lawyer called the accusation “random.” Daily mailAnd he actually said he was having sex with a woman who later took him to the airport the night McCann went missing.

McCann disappeared from the bedroom of his family’s resort hotel room on the night of May 3, 2007, when his friends and parents ate tapas hundreds of yards away. McCann, who was nearly four years old at the time, was taken while his little twin brothers were sleeping nearby. Jerry and Kate McCann enjoyed going out at night, regularly checking the sleeping kids in turn with their friends and discovering that the McCann kids’ elders were gone with the blankets.

Portuguese police first focused on McCann’s parents (both doctors). Her parents suggested giving her daughter a sleeping pill and accidentally killing her. After spending months on theory, they finally got rid of the couple, but by then the road to real criminals had been cold.

Bruckner has not been charged in connection with McCann’s disappearance and alleged murder, but police are currently looking for a woman who says he was with him that night. ..

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