Madonna shares sweet photos with her 21-year-old son Rocco

Madonna celebrates the New Year with the time of the bond between mother and son.

63-year-old pop icon shared a new post Instagram On Sunday, January 2nd, she poses with her son Rocco, who shares with former Guy Ritchie.

In the photo, Madonna wears a black winter jacket, coordinating black trousers and white moon boots. My son chose simple shades, a brown jacket and jeans with cuffs. In the shot, the two walked down the street with their arms crossed, looking like the coolest family in front of them.

“I know a lot of flashy words. I tear them from my heart and tongue …, …, then I pray,” she adds the hashtag “#maryoliver # rocco”. I wrote in the caption before.

On her Instagram look, Madonna and her family are enjoying a nice ski vacation to finish the holiday season and start 2022 with family fun.

Friday, December 31st, pop icon shared a short video Instagram Show off her bragging Twin daughters, Estelle and Stella, When they embarked on a skiing adventure and seemed to take part in several lessons to learn the ropes.

Immediately after sharing a sweet video of her twins, Madonna sneaked into her snap Son, David Banda,another Instagram Position. In the second slide in the middle of a series of snaps of the singer modeling ski gear, when Madonna gives the camera the best model pose and David puts his chin on his fist for a more relaxed look. , The pair posed side by side.

Madonna during the summer Collected all 6 children For a photo of her 63rd birthday celebration in Italy. Lourdes Leon (25 years old), Rocco (21 years old), David (16 years old), Mercy (15 years old), Estere and Stella (9 years old) are all, Instagram Carousel Post Returned in August 2021.

another Instagram The next day, the post was shared and the entire family of seven gathered in one photo, each smiling at the camera as they snapped around their mother.

Just before her birthday celebration, Madonna took some time to share her post Instagram To Celebrate Rocco’s 21st birthday.. In the post, I shared a series of photos that recorded her son over the years.

“Happy Birthday Rocco! We have traveled a lot together all over the world,” she writes. “But the biggest journey I’ve taken with you is in my ♥ ️. Love you back on the moon. Forever, anytime.”

Rocco was absent from last year’s Thanksgiving festival, but Madonna was able to. Celebrate with 5 of her children..She recorded their special day in a video montage Instagram It is set in the song “Family Affair” by Sly & The Family Stone.

Throughout the video, she shared an intimate clip of the day. This includes a glimpse of family fun outside, behind the scenes of the cooking process in the kitchen, and the sweet moments Madonna and David share. Dance in the dining room and both bow.

The caption of the post summarizes the day, and Madonna writes, “It’s a family problem.”