Magic Leap 2 will be unveiled at the end of 2021

Magic Leap

Magic Leap

Accepting Protocol During the interview, Magic Leap CEO Peggy Johnson revealed that the company’s second product Magic Leap 2 is expected to debut at the end of this year. The initial supply will be relatively limited, and the factory will carry out limited sales through the first mover program. It is expected that the scope of supply will be further expanded in early 2022.

According to Johnson, the size of the new product is only half the size of the original Magic Leap, and its weight is about 20% lighter. At the same time, its field of view is twice that of the previous generation. “The optical design here is very complicated, thanks to our very talented engineering team.” Johnson said in an interview.

After the first generation of Magic Leap experienced sales of Waterloo, the factory conveniently shifted its main focus from the consumer market to the corporate market, and this strategy has not changed in Magic Leap 2. Among them, the medical industry has great potential in Johnson’s view. She believes that AR can bring “bigger changes than other fields” to medical care. Of course, the competition that Magic Leap has to face today is more intense than in the past, and many large manufacturers have entered the market one after another, and it is still quite difficult to compete with it.

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