Mahomes’ fiancĂ© Brittany Matthews “attacked” on Twitter.See who is protecting her

Brittany Matthews was happy to open a bottle of champagne inside Arrowhead Stadium to celebrate the Chiefs’ thrilling victory over Buffalo Bills on Sunday night.

But her celebration turned into a social media hangover as her big splash video went viral, people blamed her, and other public figures rushed to her defense.

Matthews, co-owner of the new female professional soccer team Kansas City Current, is engaged to Chief Quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

When the stadium was explosively blessed, she popped a bottle of champagne with a cork and screamed and cheered under the seat of the suite.

Newyork-based blog Barstool Sports tweeted a video clip of the moment that appeared to have been posted by quarterback brother Jackson Mahomes.Matthews I posted a video on her Instagramthat too.

Known for jabs at Matthews and Jackson Mahomes, the website has been criticized by the public by calling their names and tweeting, “For society, Bengali need to win next week.” is.

The Chiefs will face the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Championship Game next Sunday at Arrowhead.

After a day of ridicule, Matthews tweeted on Monday night. Attacked weekly.. “

Rachel Vindman saw her plea and tweeted encouragement, as many Chiefs fans did.

Windman is married to retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Windman, who testified that Donald Trump was convened by the President of Ukraine at the 2019 impeachment hearing.

She talked about her family being attacked after the whistleblower’s husband’s testimony.

“Do what you want to do, whether or not you are attacked. Believe in this,” Vindman tweeted to Matthews.

Former Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander also gathered to help Matthews and scolded the women who hired Kansas City for their home shots.

“She is raising a family with her high school lover in a town that she and her husband have accepted and invested in. She supports her partner. She is with fellow Kansas Citians. celebrate.

“She is part of our community. If you don’t like it @ brittanylynne8Kander, president of the Kansas City-based Veterans Community Project, a non-profit organization that builds homes for homeless veterans, tweeted.

Matthews tweeted. “Thank you for this. As you say!”

For some reason, the incident turned into a two-day vendor. A Twitter user identified in his profile as a fan of the New England Patriots fueled some anti-aircraft guns.

A dry cleaner on Twitter in Martin City, southern Kansas City, on Tuesday Clean the item It was “celebrating Brittany’s champagne @Chiefs A spectacular victory over Buffalo. All you have to do is present your game ticket and ask Joe.

It was still hot on Tuesday afternoon, but Matthews tweeted to the masses on Twitter.Hatred is a very strong word It can only be thrown at strangers. “

She and Mahomes have been a couple since high school in Tyler, Texas. They have a daughter named Sterling. They haven’t publicly announced the date of the wedding, but Mahomes said it would be the beginning of the off-season. There is speculation that it may be March at the earliest.