Maj. Gen. Danny Fortin leaves vaccine rollout post pending military investigation

Ottawa — A military officer responsible for the deployment of Canadian vaccines left the task to the Public Health Agency of Canada until the results of the investigation were available.

The Ministry of Defense announced the Major General in a news release on Friday evening. Danny Fortin is quitting his high-profile job.

No information was published regarding the nature of the study.

In this release, the Lieutenant, Deputy Chief of Defense Staff, said. Wayne Air considers the next step with Fortin.

The department says there are no further comments.

Last November, Fortin was appointed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to oversee what he called “the greatest mobilization effort Canada has seen since World War II.”

Fortin has been in the military for almost 30 years. He directed NATO training missions in Iraq and led Canadian soldiers during the height of the most fierce battles in Afghanistan.

This is the latest blow to the military currently dealing with fallout from leveled sexual improper allegations against former Secretary of Defense and retired General Jonathan Vance.

The gendarmerie alleged that Vance had a sexual relationship with a police officer under his command and that he sent an off-color email to a junior offer in 2012 before taking on the best job in the military. I am investigating.

Vance has not responded to requests for comment, but Global News, which first reported the allegations, states that he denied improper conduct.

Immediately after reporting Vence’s allegations, his successor, Admiral Art McDonald, as Chief of Defense Staff, resigned for allegations of unspecified illegal activity. He is also currently under investigation by the gendarmerie.

Another Supreme Commander, Vice Admiral Haydn Edmundson, is on vacation while being investigated by the Canadian Armed Forces National Investigation Agency.

Edmundson has not responded to requests for comment.

There is nothing in Friday’s news release that suggests that the investigation into Fortin deals with sexual claims.