Major companies drop out of Arizona Republican 2020 election recount

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The Founder of Overstock sells you fraudulent elections for $ 5 a month

Patrick Byrne, founder of Steven Ferdman /, became a political star in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s election defeat and joined the cast of the MAGA ally on the right, claiming the election was stolen. I did. A peculiar technician even reached Trump’s inner circle on the last day of his administration, scraped a snack at a strange White House meeting, and told Trump that the president’s top staff had abandoned him. Due to Trump’s absence, Burn appeared at a rally with similar Trump boosters like My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell and Trump support lawyers Sidney Powell and L. Lin Wood, election fraud I promised that the exposure of the bomb about was imminent. It’s time for fans to pay for his wisdom. When he claims that the country will soon be shaken by “grenades” and “mother of all bombs” level exposures to voter fraud, Burn will fight some in his fight to prove election fraud. I started posting the latest information on. Proponents $ 5 a month to see the “truth” about the election. Just as other fraudulent election false proponents like Wood and Powell seek donations to nonprofits they manage, the latest information on Burn’s private elections creates a permanent and well-funded industry. Immediately after Joe Biden denied that he had legally won the election, Burn’s pitch clashed with the urgency of his message. If the facts that Burn reveals about the election are so important that the fate of American democracy itself is at stake, why is he claiming it? A popular social network on the far right. “If this is the make-up or break revolution we’re talking about, why are we paying for information?” Another Burn commenter said the company’s founders are now over $ 3 billion. For cash, he pointed out that Burn isn’t exactly difficult because it’s worth it. Byrne’s net worth has not been disclosed, but he sold his entire overstock for about $ 90 million in 2019 after resigning from the company after a relationship with Russian agent Maria Butina was revealed. .. Burn has nothing to do with overstock anymore. “The fact that the former CEO of Overstock needs a monthly donation to do what you’re doing makes me suspicious,” writes a Telegram user. According to his follow-up Daily Beast analysis, he plans to withdraw more than $ 1.1 million annually from his paywall election renewals. Former Overstock CEO says he has put together an “army of different strangers” to save Trumpburn. Election scams are also used by Fox News hosts Greg Gutfeld and Dilbert creator Scott Adams. Feed this spring at Locals, a subscription site founded by right-wing comedian Dave Rubin. So far, Burn has attracted over 19,100 subscribers, each paying $ 5 a month or $ 55 a year. For a monthly fee, Burn can expect to withdraw $ 1.15 million annually, minus credit card processing fees and a 10% reduction from Rubin’s company. Byrne claims to have moved many of the updates locally from Telegram because he liked the site’s site. A format named “Only Fans for intelligents” that refers to subscription-based adult entertainment sites. In an email to TheDailyBeast, Burn defended a request for up-to-date information on the search for election fraud, and all his money was his effort to fight what he called a “soft coup.” Byrne claimed to have spent $ 5.5 million on his money investigating fraudulent elections. This is part of $ 45 million, which claims to have spent more than 15 years investigating corruption in the United States. In preparation for the election, Burn claimed to have funded a team of “various strange people” he called the “bad news bears” to investigate election fraud. To help fight this fight, “Barn told The Daily Beast. “People say they want to help. Burn didn’t say exactly how the money he earned from the locals would be spent, but Burn fans valued their money. It’s unclear if they’re available. Many of the videos used in Burn’s members-only posts are available for free elsewhere and are often of higher quality. For example, Burn is Michigan. At a state press conference, I posted a video featuring a lawyer trying to audit a total of state ballots, but Burn’s version of the video is compromised by the use of a “snowflake” filter. This makes the entire press conference appear to have taken place in a snowstorm, adding howling-like sound effects to what was intended to be a serious event. Byrne, like other proponents of the idea that elections were stolen from Trump, likes to predict that major changes in election results are imminent, a “flock of mothers” of evidence. Is about to be unleashed. On May 3, Burn claimed that his ally, pillow mogul Mike Lindell, would soon reveal evidence of a fraudulent election that “forces the Supreme Court to weight.” But since the month is almost over, that moment hasn’t arrived and not everyone is complaining about the price. In Byrne’s Locals comments section, people who have already paid $ 5 a month to Byrne are often thrilled to pay. One Burn subscriber described this payment as a fee to ensure “for libtards participation.” “It’s a true theft!” This isn’t the first time Burn has made money from his relationship alleging that the elections have been stolen. Sales of his book, Deep Rig, about elections and its aftermath have reached the top of Amazon’s sales charts. Many of the books were taken directly from Burn’s blog, but the printed version included hyperlinks and video embeddings, which were printed in the form of books and became useless, so they were created in a hurry. It was. Find out more at The Daily Beast. Get the top story. In your inbox every day. Sign up now! DailyBeast Membership: Beast Inside digs deeper into the stories that matter to you. learn more.

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