Major Evangelical Figure Turns Against Trump: ‘He Used Us’

Major Evangelical Figures You Have Previously Helped donald trump Retreating now that he is Announcement of third bid for the president.

“Donald Trump Can’t Save America” ​​Mike Evans told the Washington Post“He can’t even save himself.”

Evans was part of a group of evangelicals who met with Trump at the White House and at one point gave him the award.

Now he says his relationship with Trump is over.

“He took advantage of us to win the White House. We had to close our mouths and eyes when he said something that horrified us,” he told the newspaper. told to “I can’t do it anymore.”

Robert Jeffress, one of Trump’s gospel advisers during the 2016 campaign and a longtime supporter, said he wasn’t ready to endorse him again.

“The Republican Party is headed for a civil war that I don’t want or need to be in.” he told Newsweekadded that he would again “willingly” endorse Trump if he wins the nomination.

It’s not obvious when you think about it Trump’s Plunging Poll Figures among Republican voters.Jeffress also apparently subtweeted Trump on the day of the 2024 announcement to encourage people to buy Mike Pencebook of:

Jeffress added on Twitter that he still considers Trump “a great friend and the best president since Reagan.”

Another former faith adviser to Trump, James Robison of Life Outreach International, said in a speech this week that Trump’s ego is getting in the way of the agenda.

“If Trump can’t stop his petty problems, how does he expect people to stop the major ones?” according to the Washington Post.

He said he told Trump:

“Teacher, you act like a little schoolchild, wake up every morning, open your mouth and shoot your feet! The more you shut your mouth, the more you succeed!”

He did not say whether he plans to endorse Trump in 2024.

Another evangelical who previously supported Trump was even more outspoken, Written by Washington Times columnist Everett Piper Trump has damaged the Republican Party greatly in the midterm elections, and could hurt them even more in two years.

“This week’s takeaway is easy. Donald Trump has to leave,” he wrote. “If he were our nominee in 2024, we would be broken.”