Makia Bryant had a knife when shot by the police

Claim: When Makia Bryant was shot by police, the knife was on the ground and away from her.

A new but familiar story arose in Ohio as the United States looked at a Minneapolis court awaiting a verdict in Derek Chauvin’s trial.

Police shooting killed a black man and immediately protested.

A 16-year-old Makia Briant died in a foster parent conflict outside Columbus, Ohio. This happened before the jury discovered Chauvin, a former Minneapolis police officer. Convicted of three indictments For George Floyd’s kneeling on his neck until his death.

The Washington Post reported Immediately after the incident, 60 protesters gathered at the shooting site and another 100 gathered downtown Columbus to march in front of several city halls.

Many social media posts have associated the killing of Bryant with the killing of Floyd, some of which A prominent person is indignant at the shooting. Despite the limited information available on Brian’s shooting, many provided details on what happened.

One such claim, Posted on Facebook 6 hours after shooting It has been shared more than 3,000 times so far and presents this story.

“When George Floyd’s verdict was announced, Columbus, Ohio police killed 15-year-old Makia. [sic] Brian. She called the police because she was about to jump. She had a knife in her hand for self-defense, but when the police arrived, it was on the ground away from her.The policeman fired immediately and shot four times as many guns as her [sic].. “

This explanation misses Mark in some respects, especially in the claim that she didn’t have a knife. Police body camera videos show that this is not the case.

It was not possible to ask the user for comment.

Shooting details

At 4:44 pm EST on April 20, police arrived at a foster parent in Columbus and responded to a caller who reported that a woman had stabbed her and “placed her hand” about 15 minutes ago. Columbus Interim Police Chief Michael Woods said at a press conference that night that the original 911 callers did not mention the weapons on the scene.

Woods also released Body camera image (Warning: Graphic content included in this link) From a police officer who fatally shot Bryant that night – an unusually fast move for the police station.

Immediately after the policeman got out of the car, the footage shows Maquia chasing a teenager and trying to push him against the ground to attack. The policeman said, “Hey! Get off! Get off!” A few seconds later, Bryant rushes into another young woman pressed against the car.

The video shows the knife in the right hand as Bryant swings the knife towards another girl. After that, the policeman fires four shots.

When the Brian falls, the knife falls from the Brian’s hand and rattles on the ground.

Two minutes after the police arrived, a medic from the Columbus Fire Department was dispatched. Brian was sentenced to die at a local hospital at 5:21 pm. Reported by Columbus Dispatch.

Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther called it “a tragic day in Columbus. A terrifying and tragic situation.” Many celebrities are speaking out Oppose police action since the shooting.

Confusion about details

However, the details of what happened remain ambiguous and in some cases controversial.

The Facebook post and a few other posts I looked up here misrepresented the victim’s name and age. The victim was 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant, Franklin County Children’s Services, who later custody of a teenager. Confirmed by Columbus Dispatch.. The shoot was taken outside the foster parent where Bryant lived.

Police officers shot dead a 16-year-old black teen after arriving at the scene in response to reports of being stabbed in Columbus, Ohio.

Police officers shot dead a 16-year-old black teen after arriving at the scene in response to reports of being stabbed in Columbus, Ohio.

User confusion may be due to a description of the event given by Bryant’s aunt Hazel Bryant.

Before the body camera footage was released to the media Columbus dispatch And this week, Hazel Bryant said her niece was 15 and dropped her knife before police fired.

In addition, Bryant’s mother and another family said WBNS-TV from CBS Columbus It was Makia who called the police that night, and she was acting for self-defense, but police have not yet revealed who made the first 911 calls.

At a press conference, Mr Woods said the police station would carry out an administrative review of all police on the scene after the Criminal Investigation Department had completed the investigation.

Our rating: False

The claim that Brian did not have a knife when shot by police is not supported by our investigation and is rated FALSE. Body camera footage released by police showed a teenage girl confronting another girl and waving a knife when the bullet was fired.

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This article was originally published in USA TODAY: Fact Check: Maquia Briant shot by Columbus police has a knife