Malaysian authorities crushed 1,069 cryptocurrency mining equipment with road rollers


Grigorenko via Getty Images

Have you ever wondered what happens to the equipment confiscated from the mine?Quote Vice According to reports, the Sarawak state government of Malaysia recently crushed 1,069 sets of cryptocurrency mining equipment with a road roller.According to Malaysian publications Dayak Daily According to the information, all the crushed equipment was confiscated by the government from February to April this year. During this period, the government conducted a total of 6 seizures. Sarawak Energy Berhad, a Malaysian energy company, alleged that mine workers stole their energy for the operation of the mine. The total energy value is approximately 8.4 million Malaysian ringgits (approximately 2 million US dollars).

This is the second time that an incident of the same type has been announced after an earlier report in Ukraine that someone had stolen electricity from the national grid to operate a mine. Since cryptocurrency mines need to operate with a large number of equipment at the same time, high electricity demand and costs will be incurred in the process, so it is not surprising that some people take risks to steal electricity. The Malaysian police chief pointed out to Dayak Daily that electricity theft from mines was rampant this year, and even three houses were accidentally burnt down due to illegal electrical connections.

The following is a fragment of a road roller crushing mining equipment. By the way, the total value of the equipment in the fragment waiting to be crushed by the roller is about 5.3 million Malaysian ringgits (about 1.26 million US dollars).

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