Man and his girlfriend are accused of brutal attacks on his wife

Perth, NY (AP) — A New York man and his girlfriend detained a man’s estranged wife for several days and cut one of her fingers before she managed to escape. He has been accused of assaulting her.

According to court documents, a 37-year-old woman was kidnapped by her husband on New Year’s Eve and was physically and sexually assaulted for fear of her life while being detained in a house or motel room. I told the police. Friday, Reported by the Times Union of Albany.

“While I was with Justin, he threatened to kill me and told me he would kill me if I didn’t kill myself,” the woman told investigators.

The Associated Press does not identify those who claim to have been sexually assaulted unless publicly stated.

Wilson and Nicole Elmore, 35, were both charged on Friday in Grabber’s Building on charges of kidnapping, assault, and sexual assault. According to Wilson’s lawyer Stephen Rockmacher, Wilson faces four indictments, Elmore faces three indictments, and other indictments are pending against both. He said both had been detained in Fulton County prison after acquittal and will appear in court on February 7.

Rockmacher said he had only briefly spoken to Wilson, who had previously represented him in criminal and family court matters. Rockmacher said he has not yet discussed the details of this case with the client.

“I read the allegations. I hope they aren’t true,” he said. “I haven’t talked to Mr Wilson yet.”

Elmore’s lawyer, Cristopher Savino, was left with a message asking for comment.

According to court documents, Wilson was brutalized for six days, including lying down on the backseat of an SUV, driving to a Perth trailer about 40 miles (65 km) north of Albany, and amputating his little finger. rice field. And the wound burned in flames to stop the bleeding.

At one point, the woman said she was further beaten, including Wilson and Elmore taking her to a nearby Amsterdam motel, where Wilson tried to drown her in a hot tub.

The woman said she ran away almost a week after she was left in her estranged husband’s SUV while he was in the house.