Man arrested for baseball bat attack on food vendor in San Jose


Local authorities in San Jose have arrested a 43-year-old business owner after he was filmed attacking a food vendor with a baseball bat.

Carlos Sanchez, a vendor who ran a barbecue stand near 1400 blocks on the Old Bayshore Highway, told authorities, violently attacked By the owner of a nearby Intex Auto Parts (later identified as Kintex Ho) around 10:40 am on Feb. 18.

video footage of Attack Occurs Online and being Share widely on social media.

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“I told you to get out! Why didn’t you get out? Get out of here!” “Get out of here! Get out! Get out of here!”

Ho continued, “This is wrong. This is illegal. You are illegal – do you record it? No problem. Go ahead. You are a criminal!”

Entrepreneur then climbed inside Sanchez’s pickup truck in an attempt to move it, confronted Sanchez again, and hit him with a bat.

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After Sanchez reported the incident to the police, Ho was arrested and charged with carjacking and assault with a lethal weapon. Bender declined an offer of treatment, according to people familiar with the matter.

Ho’s attack on Sanchez Second time A food vendor was attacked in the city last week.

Last Tuesday, another vendor named Saul Rencono was attacked by a customer outside the SAP Center after an altercation over payment and speed of service. As a result of the attack, Lenkono suffered a broken nose, bloodshot eyes, a lacerated lip and headaches.

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San Jose officials condemned the attack and called for an end to the violence against street vendors.

San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan tweeted, “Our street vendors have the right to live an honest life without fear of intimidation or violence.

City Councilor Peter Ortiz also voiced his support for Bender in an interview KRON4“Many of these vendors are the main source of income for our families, providing food for our families and supporting our children through schools.These vendors are part of our community. Parents, relatives, friends and we need to protect them as such.”

Authorities have not released a description of the attackers in the initial incident, but are asking witnesses to provide relevant information.