Man flies to Miami with a gun loaded in his pocket

On an American Airlines flight from Bridgetown, Barbados to Miami, a man with a firearm was in the cabin of an airplane. According to NBC6.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is investigating security breaches that are causing concerns by aviation safety experts.

Cameron Hinds, who allegedly brought the gun on board, was stopped at the TSA checkpoint at Miami International Airport when police found a pistol with luggage, NBC6 reported.

According to media reports, Miami-Dade police said Hind’s gun was equipped with a 32-caliber gun, and Hind admitted that he had put the gun in his trouser pocket and boarded the plane.

NBC6 reports that the Department of Homeland Security has outsourced to foreign governments to maintain airport security standards when passengers fly to the United States.

The TSA has notified Barbados authorities of a security failure.

A federal security expert told NBC6 that he was wary of what he considered a screening failure.

Retired American Airlines Captain Jay Rollins believes the incident undermines the steps taken after the September 11 attack to ensure safe travel for air passengers and protect national security. Said.

“Everything is prepared to catch the gun. Not just the gun, but the loaded gun,” Rollins told NBC6. “Obviously, weapons everywhere in the cockpit and on planes are a serious danger. As 9/11 taught, all passengers could have been used even worse. And when it comes to aircraft, they were mistakenly used. Even if you fire, there are so many things that can collide and some aircraft can be invalidated. Aircraft. “

Hands was imprisoned in Miami and charged with carrying a felony hidden weapon, NBC 6 reports. He has been acquitted and will appear in court on Friday.