Man held without bail for kidnapping and sexually assaulting elderly Asian woman

Earlier this month, a man charged with kidnapping, strangling and raping a 64-year-old Asian woman in Quincy, Massachusetts, was ordered to be held without bail.

At a hearing Wednesday, a judge ruled Christian M. Lynch, 26, was too dangerous to be released. 11.12 Incidentand have since left the local community out of fear for their safety.

The victim’s ordeal began shortly after 7:00 am at the Wollaston MBTA station, where he was kidnapped and taken to his East Elm Avenue apartment. Prosecutors said she was then detained for 11 hours before being strangled and sexually assaulted.

“He beat her until her dentures fell off. He then handcuffed her wrists and legs and taped her mouth,” said Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office Beth McLaughlin. . Said judge.

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Around 6pm, the victim was dropped off at the Westgate Mall parking lot in Brockton. A passerby who heard her scream called 911.

After the attack, prosecutors said Lynch went shopping for cleaning supplies and a new mattress. The next day, he was arrested at a convenience store near his home.

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Lynch claimed to have had an encounter consensual, he told police he was “tired of swiping” on dating apps. He also said, “This is me going out into the world and going on dates.”

Surveillance video reportedly show The moment Lynch pushed his victim into a car. Prior to the kidnapping, he also allegedly targeted another Asian woman.

Lynch had previously been charged with rape, kidnapping, strangulation, assault, and assaulting a person over the age of 60. Additionally, he was charged with kidnapping and attempted assault with intent to rape in connection with an earlier attack, as well as being exposed to a woman near the boardwalk at Nickerson Rock last month.

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Featured Image by Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Traffic Police, NBC10 Boston

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