Man in wheelchair on bus refuses to move for mother and little daughter

A Reddit writer shares a stressful and upsetting situation involving a commute trip and her young daughter.

A woman who calls herself a 32-year-old wrote on the platform: her 5 year old daughter I got on the commuter bus “at a busy stop.”

A woman who did not share her location added that after they boarded the bus, “there weren’t any empty seats except one.” [seat] near someone using a wheelchair,” – a 40-year-old man she explained.

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The mother continued, “I asked him. [he] could move [his] Wheelchair to another place daughter and me I could have sat with him, but he declined. ”

A man in a wheelchair needs space for his “mobility device,” she continued.


“I was taken aback and annoyed by this reaction,” the mother wrote.

She told the man that her daughter was “very young and had to sit next to me for safety reasons”, but the person still “refused to move”.

“Having to stand the entire ride with my daughter in tow was uncomfortable and exhausting for both of us,” the woman said.

mother wrote then she told her friend About the incident, her friends told her she was “insensitive and disabled.”


The original Reddit poster was a friend of the woman who told her that “a person in a wheelchair has the right to use the space he needs” and that asking a man in a wheelchair to move a little was “to me”. It was unfair,” he said. accommodate her.


A mother on Reddit shared a request for a person in a wheelchair on a bus to be able to move a little and sit in a seat with her young daughter. She received a lot of grief from others on the platform.

“Now I wonder if I was wrong when I asked him to move,” the mother said.

She asked the Reddit community about it — and asked for their thoughts on whether “asking a disabled person to move a bus seat for one’s child” is wrong.

To date, the woman’s post has received 2,500 comments.

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It has also been voted nearly 4,000 times. (According to Reddit, no further comments were received.)

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A Reddit post was written by one commenter and “upvoted” by many others. physically unable to stand out of the way. ”

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“A five-year-old child could have just stood,” he wrote to another person in the same way.

This same commenter added, “Seriously, when did a 5-year-old become too fragile to withstand a bus trip?”

The person added, “This kind of parenting hurts children. They are taught to be pathetic.”

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One Reddit writer reminded others, “Kids can easily fall in the bus because the bus is made for adults, and places to grab on to are out of reach.” .

Another official commented, “It’s a safety issue. Buses are for adults, so it’s easy for children to fall because they can’t reach where they can grab them.”

Yet another Reddit commenter wrote on Saturday morning: [that] Existence. “

Yet another commenter who seemed disgusted with the mother who posted the original story wrote, “You can only hope [that the original poster] She realizes how lucky she is to be able to stand and walk without any problems, and the next time the bus runs out of seats, she will only suck it up for a few minutes on the bus. ”

Another said, ‘Your child can sit on your lap or ask someone else to move.


Another said, “Having a child doesn’t automatically give you priority. If the bus is crowded, take a taxi. Or else you’ll have to deal with the downsides of public transportation.” It won’t,” he said. “

“I was frustrated with your reaction because you’re used to your ways. I have kids the same age. Please plan better,” the person bluntly added.


but father of new york The grandfather of a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old had very different views.

He told Fox News Digital his take on a post related to travel etiquette.

He added, “This makes no sense to me.”