Man pleads guilty by taking two baby bears out of their nest

Sacramento, California (AP) — A man in northern California admitted to taking two bear cubs out of his burrow and notified authorities of his inability to take care of them.

According to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Cody Dylon Setzer, 29, and a colleague not working with authorities took a one-month-old bear from a fallen tree burrow across a forest road. ..

Setzer contacted a wildlife police officer on March 9, 2019, reporting that he had found a baby bear along Highway 263 north of Ireka in Siskiyou County.

However, wildlife police officers questioned his story after he went out to the scene and couldn’t find the bear’s footprints or habitat.

“The bear cubs are 100% dependent on sows and wouldn’t have survived if they had wondered for themselves,” said Captain Patrick Foy of the ministry’s law enforcement department.

According to Foy, a colleague of the lumber management company Setzer confessed to the wildlife office and cooperated with the investigation.

“Others literally brought them back to the den,” he said.

Densight was east of Salt Creek and Interstate 5 in Shasta County, about 90 miles (145 km) south of where Setzer found them and said they were destroyed. Their mother was never found, Foy said.

The bear cub was taken to CDFW’s Wildlife Health Institute in Rancho Cordoba and later handed over to Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care for rehabilitation.

The Cubs were returned to their original habitat in Shasta County on April 28, 2020, after reaching the age sufficient to survive on their own, the agency said.

Department store I announced a story on Tuesday on a blog about bears Anyone who may witness wildlife poaching is advised to contact the authorities.

In November, Setzer was found guilty in the Siskiyou High Court for possessing banned species and interfering with police officers in the course of his duties.

He paid a fine and fee of $ 2,290 and was ordered to complete 200 hours of community service. Setzer also suspended his hunting and fishing privileges during his probation period and was sentenced to probation for 12 months, sentenced to 90 days in county prison, and detained upon successful completion of probation. The agency said it would be done.