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Donald Trump likes Kim Jong Un and Kyle Rittenhouse better than Matt Getz

How sneaky a person in Donald Trump’s orbit must be before even Donald Trump thinks it’s not worth protecting them, thanks to Getty Matt Getz and his sad, eerie sex life. Finally found abroad, Trump called Kim Jung Eun his friend and protected Vladimir Putin (“There are a lot of murderers. Do you think our country is so innocent?”), And Mohammed. He shrugged off Bin Salman’s murder of Washington postwriter Jamal Kashogi (“The world is a very dangerous place!”). Three years after Eddie Gallagher was convicted of posing for the body of a newly killed Iraqi, long after Navy Seal was accused of being trusted by fellow soldiers in the war crimes. , He was photographed with Melania and Donald. , Trump stood behind Kyle Rittenhouse after shooting two people in protest by Black Lives Matter. He called him “very good people” after one of Charlottesville’s white supremacists drove a rebel and killed Heather Hayer. “I heard these are people who love our country,” he said of QAnon’s crazy conspirators, and the January 6 rebels who attacked the Capitol “embraced police and guards.” I kissed you. ” You know, they had a great relationship. Many people waved in and out. After the woman came out, he stood by Senator Roy Moore, who wields the Bible, and said he sneaked up on them as a teenager. Jason Miller said in a court document that he slipped the abortion bill into another woman’s smoothie after former Trump staff member AJ Delgard. By Mike Flynn, who was found guilty twice, and Paul Manafort and Roger Stone, who were commuted after being convicted. Hell, he forgave Republicans Chris Collins, Duncan Hunter, and Steve Stockman as a reward for their loyal support of the scammers. Really defending 38-year-old Congressman Matt Getz, who spent years auditioning Trump’s role as a reserve kid, offered to leave Congress to participate in Trump’s impeachment defense, House 3 After the second, he flew to Wyoming to lead a rally against Liz Cheney-ranked Republicans voted to impeach him. A week after the scandal, Getz suggested a flared man who noticed a tight corner where his own actions put him in, after Getz had already tried to drag Tucker Carlson into his turmoil. He denied the New York Times’ report of asking him for forgiveness and provided a supple two-sentence statement saying, “I need to remember everything he had completely denied allegations against him.” Trump provided Kim Jong Un’s more compelling defense than Matt Getz. He called Paul Manafort a “good guy” among all. By the way, the accusations around Getz included paying for sex with a minor woman (or having his friend Joel Greenberg pay for it). It was clearly part of an investigation that began with Attorney General Bill Barr, who said that the hatchet man Trump finally turned on and avoided staying in the same room as Getz, even if the president was still using the speed dial. It has been reported. And while Getz hasn’t “completely denied” the accusation, he says he likes to pay for women while denying that he slept with a minor woman. Getz told Jonathan Swan: As you know, I paid for a flight in a hotel room. I was generous as a partner. The claims against Getz are terrible, and so are Getz’s voting records in light of those claims. In 2017, Gaetz was the only member of parliament to vote against the law against trafficking. Something he could be prosecuted now. While at the Florida State Capitol, Getz was one of two people who voted against the law trying to crack down on “revenge porn.” Leaked to the media from corrupt Ministry of Justice. At that time, please ask yourself the reason. They aren’t coming for me — they are coming for you. It’s annoying. This sounds like Getz doesn’t think all the information about him is out yet. And in an interview with his miserable Tucker Carlson, Getz said there were no pictures of him “child prostitutes.” This wasn’t claimed by anyone, and it’s strange to take it out of nowhere. Matt Getz is the model Republican representative. Creep No Ones Surprise About the Times reports that a federal investigation concerns whether Getz violated sexual trafficking laws. According to three sources who spoke to The Times, the case was related to the indictment of Getz’s ally Joel Greenberg, but everyone at Trump and Trump World was Matt. Why not defend Getz? “Anyone who has spent 10 minutes with a man will find him unscrupulous,” a former campaign aide told Politico. Wait, what? Trump is a real-life television presenter who rewarded pornographic actresses in the 2016 presidential election and suggested that bleach infusions could help treat COVID. Not being a serious person is actually a qualification to be a member of Trump. Of course, as far as Trump is concerned, loyalty is one-way, but given the rewards of worshipers so far, Palm Beach. It seems impossible that the absence had any effect on Trump’s perception of wealthy Florida legislator Matt Getz, nor did the weight of the prosecution somehow change Trump’s feelings for Getz. It seems impossible. Remember Trump said, “Frankly, I wish her good health,” about Ghislaine Maxwell, a child sexual trafficker who allegedly killed hundreds of people. There will be. So it’s strange that Getz is the only sex trafficker that Trump is allegedly unwilling to do. If Matt Getz was a fascist dictator, would Donald Trump be better for him? every day. Sign up now! 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