Man suffers cuts and bruise after being shot with paintball in Sacramento

A man in Sacramento suffered painful cuts and bruise after being repeatedly shot with paintball last Friday.

The attack occurred when Edson Thor and his wife were outside South Sacramento at around 12:30 pm.

The suspect allegedly drove the Hitchcock Way to the Valley Hi Drive. So I hope the shoot was captured by a surveillance camera.

“It was pretty badly hurt. Mainly my lips and neck were the worst parts.” So I was told CBS13 Of his injury.

Since then, I have reported the incident to the police and would like to see witnesses come forward.

The attack occurs shortly before Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, during a nationwide surge in anti-Asian incidents.

So it’s unclear if he was aiming to be Asian, but he’s been more vigilant ever since.

“I just want to let them know, but in the end someone might get hurt, or a policeman might find them and they might have a big problem with it. I know. “ He told CBS13.

A Vietnamese restaurant that was hit by vandalism in the city just last Thursday COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) Pandemic After receiving a big tip, I made a headline..

“Every time he repairs a window, it only breaks again in just a few days.” Written a Twitter user @CaroWyn_, Its uncle owns a Tây Giang restaurant.

The customer reportedly placed a $ 500 tip on top of the $ 35 meal and included a note like this: “To help with the broken window.”

Screenshots of featured images through CBS13

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