Man suffocated while recording sunrise after sand dunes collapsed on Florida beach, police say

A man’s body was found sticking out of a sand dune on a Florida beach, and investigators believe he was killed on the hill. sand crumbled down on himaccording to the Martin County Sheriff’s Office.

The discovery was made in the early hours of Monday, August 8, on Hutchinson Island, about 120 miles north of Miami.

Evidence suggests the man was recording a video of the sunrise when the dunes collapsed, trapping him and killing him.

“In the early morning, a beachgoer noticed parts of the victim’s body sticking out of the sand and called for help,” the sheriff’s office said. “The man appears to have suffocated hours ago as a result of being trapped under the sand.”

The identity of the 35-year-old has not been released. Officials said he lived nearby in Stuart.

No misconduct is suspected. Investigators are awaiting the results of standard procedure toxicology tests, the sheriff’s office said.

“However, these tests are unlikely to change the outcome of this incident to be a tragic accident,” the sheriff’s office said.

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