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Andrew Yang rips a New York tabloid for a “racist” cartoon that calls him a “tourist”

Less than a month before the Brendan MacDermid / Reuters New York primary, presidential candidate Andrew Yang is at war with one of the city’s major newspapers. On Monday, the New York Daily News posted a cartoon depicting him. As a tourist after saying Times Square is his favorite subway station. He and his wife called a paper racist. The tabloids then ridiculed him in another story and counterattacked the NAACP local chief, telling him that Yang shouldn’t abandon the word racism. In the midst of a COVID pandemic, York recently named Times Square’s subway station as his favorite among all underground stops in New York City. Yang and his wife, Evelyn, blew up the cartoon in Queens’ emotional newspaper and accused him of being racist and harmful to Asian Americans. The characteristic of living in New York and having fewer New York than others based on race, religion, and other backgrounds is wrong, “says Yang, who has lived in New York for 24 years but has never voted. Mr. says. Mayor. When Evelyn started talking, she said of the comics: His sly, bead-like eyes … this not only dehumanizes Asians, but also encourages racism against them, “she continued, asking the news to pull pictures out of the print. He added. “And do you know what they did? They printed it anyway.” Maya Wiley, a former adviser to Mayor Bill de Blasio, who opposes Yang for the Democratic mayor’s nomination, said. He said the manga was one step too far. “@ Andrew Yang shouldn’t have to endure this,” she tweeted. Tuesday. “New Yorkers who are Asian or Pacific Islanders shouldn’t. This is an offensive cartoon and we all have a duty to call it. #StopAsianHate” suggests that Yang is not a “real New Yorker” Some even argue that they hate foreigners in their own right. However, in a statement to the news, NAACP New York State Speaker Hazel Dukes repelled criticism of Jan: “He didn’t do his homework. Perhaps that’s what they’re talking about. Not as an Asian-American. He can answer some very relevant questions about life in New York City. I couldn’t. They’re talking about his knowledge of the city. I don’t say it should be called racism, “Dukes continued. “There is racism. No doubt. When people say that all blacks are lazy, they aren’t talking about me. When you make this kind of remark, you’re about the whole group of people. I’m talking. It’s a racist. When you talk about cartoons, they’re just talking about him. “The news defends the work of cartoonist Bill Bramhall, and this picture is Yang. He said it was intended as a comment on the “major gap” in understanding the politics and policies of the city. It’s not a racist stereotype or a racist caricature, “said Josh Greenman, director of the editorial page, in a statement, with the original version of the first online cartoon printed on paper. He added that it was updated for the edition. “People reacted terribly to how Yang’s eyes were drawn after Bill tweeted his cartoon yesterday,” he said. “Bill changed the drawing from sensitivity to those concerns without changing the concept of cartoons he and we support.” And given that he had his own cartoons, one The criticism of the cartoon itself for being a seed stereotype seems strange. Is the one made for his presidential election quite similar?— Parker Molloy May 25, 2021 It’s been controversial that Yang appears confused about the standard details of New York City since he entered the race. It has become the target of. In the early days of Yang’s practice, New Yorkers accused him of calling the large Midtown-style deli “Bodega.” After about 25 years as a resident, his complaints struck New York, affecting multiple parody accounts on Twitter. “Our city needs more green space. Today I’m proposing a large park located in the center,” said one tweet posted by @YangPolicyShop. Check out Little Italy!— Andrew Yang: Real New Yorker (parody) (@ ​​andrewyangsnyc) April 29, 2021 Yang last week demanded that the city take full control of the subway, a “blurred overview of the plan.” Came to my mind. According to Streetsblog NYC, a media focused on local transportation, buses from Albany are “terrible enough to disqualify him.” Yang was at a loss when asked about the MTA’s debt burden at the Candidate Forum. He then tried to deviate from his unanswered by falsely claiming that “MTAs don’t classify that number so well.” Yang was also unable to stimulate confidence by showing that he was unfamiliar with the New York Police Department’s procedures. Even though he claims to be in his own position to lead the sector “in the 21st century”. At a recent campaign event in Brooklyn, Yang seemed confused when a New York Post reporter asked him about the abolition of the 50a last year. John Jay College of Criminal Justice says it’s entirely possible to raise a political issue as to whether Yang understands New York City without enhancing harmful stereotypes, The Daily Beast. Told to. Take into account Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. She said she didn’t think the Daily Beast comics were intentionally racist, but “the interpretation was racist, so it’s a good time to reflect on it.” “This is a public experience.” It’s important because it’s like bringing it into a conversation, “he told The Daily Beast. “This is one of the things that makes people more sensitive to the portrayals of Asian Americans at this particular moment, and we can see where the concerns come from. Now, during Asia Pacific Islanders Month, Asia There’s a lot on social media about how people with heritage feel alienated based on their appearance. Mr. Kang said that faces weren’t always discussed, which is us. Everyone said it was an important time to keep in mind our inherent prejudices and prejudices. Ask other people in different communities about the feelings of racialists, “she said. I did. “It doesn’t matter if they agree or not.” See the details at The Daily Beast. Do you have any hints? Send it to The Daily Beast here. Put your top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now! DailyBeast Membership: Beast Inside digs deeper into the stories that matter to you. learn more.

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