Man tricked Chinese pop singer in sex scandal


Beijing (AP) —A man confessed to scamming Chinese-Canadian pop singer Chris Wu on charges of a teenager having sex with her when he was drunk, Beijing police said Thursday. It was.

The announcement adds a strange twist to scandals that sacrifice Wu’s approval agreements with brands such as Porsche and Bvlgari. A former member of South Korean boy band EXO denied the accusation, causing online support for women and criticism of Wu.

Police said in a statement that a man who saw rumors about the incident online contacted a woman in June to obtain information to pretend to be a lawyer. It did not indicate that the woman was accused of participating in the fraud.

The man told Wu’s mother to send 500,000 yuan ($ 77,000) and tried to persuade Wu’s lawyer to send money to the woman, the statement said. He said he failed to get another 2.5 million yuan ($ 390,000) from his family.

A man identified solely by the name Liu was arrested on Sunday in Nandong, near Shanghai, after the singer’s mother complained to police that her family had been fooled, according to a statement from the Beijing Public Security Bureau. It said he confessed.

The woman was reportedly told by the internet portal NetEase that Wu recommended drinking too much at a party in December and woke up in bed. In a statement about his social media account, Wu met the woman, but denied encouraging her to drink and said that no other part of her account had happened.

The woman was reportedly said to have said another woman said Wu had seduced them with promises of work and other opportunities.

Police are investigating allegations that Wu “repeatedly deceived young women into sexual relations,” a police statement said.

The brand cut off its relationship with Wu the day after the NetEase report. This reflects public sensitivity after the ruling Communist Party aroused anger at shoe and clothing brands in retaliation for Western reports of human rights abuses in most Muslim areas of the northwestern Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region. I will. ..

Known in Chinese as Wu Efan, Wu grew up in Guangzhou, South China and Vancouver, British Columbia. He played at EXO in 2012-14 and then started his solo career.

As an actor, he starred in 2017’s “XXX: Return of Xander Cage” with two successful box office revenues in China. “Six” and “Journey to the West: Devil’s Counterattack”.


Fu reported from Bangkok.