Man who died after injuries in Montreal jail was held ‘illegally’

Family, friends and community members gathered Friday night to mourn and remember the 21-year-old man. Man Who He died in hospital on Christmas Eve after being injured in a Montreal prison.

According to the Quebec Department of Public Security, Nixe d’Andre Spring was being held illegally in a detention center known as the Bordeaux Prison.

About 150 people attended the candlelight rally held at Benny Park in Montreal’s Notre Dame de Grasse neighborhood. This was where Dundle his spring would hang out, said his childhood friend Brandon Lagain.

Ragain said the fact that D’Andre Spring was illegally detained made his death difficult to deal with.

“This is someone I grew up with. , will continue to feel this.”

People held candles in the air, screamed, and some even cried as music played in homage to the aspiring rapper.

Some mourners carried placards with messages such as “We love you, Nicous” or “(Notre-Dame-de-Grâce) NDG love you”. I was.

Ragain described D’Andre Spring as a “gentle giant”. Who It will help strangers in need.said he was a man of few words Man chasing his dream

Lagain spoke of Quebec Premier François Legault. Who On multiple occasions, it has denied that there is systemic racism in the state.

“We already knew in Quebec that there was injustice in the system, and Lego says it’s not real, but how it’s breaking the community down here. You can see if you’re doing it,” he said.

Quebec’s public security department said D’Andre Spring should have been released on December 23 after he virtually appeared in court on December 23.

In connection with his death, one prison guard has been suspended and is being investigated by state police and the coroner’s office.

Marie-José Monminy, a spokeswoman for the agency, said it would also investigate Dundle Spring’s death and illegal detention.

Neither the police nor the government have released details about what happened inside the prison that led to his death.

“I want all the light on these events,” Public Security Minister François Bonadel said on Twitter on Thursday.

“Several investigations are underway to do this. We will have to assume and answer what mistakes have been made.”

D’Andre Spring appeared in court on December 23 and was charged with assaulting a security official, criminal harassment and possession of a weapon for dangerous purposes. He also faced two counts of his failure to comply with the terms of his release. He pleaded not guilty to all charges.

He was also charged several times with failing to comply with the terms of his release and assaulting a police officer in 2021. In 2020, he was charged with robbery, assault with a weapon, and assault that caused physical harm. was indicted on

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