Manchin, Collins says the infrastructure bill has enough Republican support to pass the Senate


Senator Joe Manchin (DW.Va.) And Susan Collins (R-Maine) believe that a large infrastructure bill has enough support to pass the Senate, and Manchin will be in commerce by Thursday. He said the Senate should be “finished.”

Important reason: A group of bipartisan senators, including Manchin and Collins, have been negotiating for months, approaching their voluntary deadline to pass the bill before the August recess.

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  • “I can’t believe it when I see Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell voting for the same thing,” Manchin said in an optimistic view on CNN’s “Show.”

  • Collins said the text of the bill is likely to be shared on Sunday night, and Senators will begin “considering some amendments.”

Big picture: Senate Voted Last Wednesday, 67-32, a bipartisan $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure initiative was undertaken.

  • At the time of the vote, part of the bill was not written. Collins told Jake Tapper that “most of the text” was already shared with Senate offices and lawmakers.

  • Seventeen Republicans voted for the Democratic Party to advance the bill.

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