Manchin opposes personnel 1. Partisan voting law says it “destroys” US democracy

Senator Joe Manchin (D., W. Va.) said on Sunday that he opposed the Democratic Party’s “For the People Act” and also opposed weakening or abolishing filibuster. “

Manchin’s comment is Charleston Gazette Mail It was published on Sunday.

Unfortunately, we are now witnessing the overt politicization of the basic right to vote, “written Manchin, former Secretary of State of West Virginia. “But the debate about the best way to protect voting and election rights today is not to find something in common, but to seek a partisan advantage. Try to limit voting unnecessarily. Whether it’s state law or a politician who ignores the need to secure elections, partisan policymaking does not instill confidence in our democracy, it will destroy it. “

He said that federal voting law would allow both sides to find a compromise “not to risk further division and destruction of the republic that lawmakers vowed to protect and protect as elected officials.” He added that it must be the result of cooperation.

Democrats have struggled to get support from the Republicans. Two comprehensive voter rights bills, HR 1, also known as the “For the People Act,” and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.

The US House of Representatives passed the For the People Act in March by 10 votes. Mississippi Democrat Bennie Thompson voted against all Republicans.Is law It will invalidate the hundreds of state laws governing elections, unprecedented federalization of voting and election administration, and put an end to the two-century state power to elect parliamentary constituencies.

However, it is unlikely that the Democratic Party will get the 60 votes it needs to move the bill forward in the Senate. This has led many progressives to argue that the Senate should lift the filibuster 60-vote threshold to allow Democrats to pass the agenda with a simple majority.

Manchin points out that the Democratic Party has “I tried to treat filibuster as a villain and conveniently ignored how important it was to protect the rights of past Democrats.”

“As a reminder, just four years ago, in 2017, when the Republicans ruled the White House and Congress, President Donald Trump publicly requested the Senate Republicans to eliminate Philibuster,” he said. “And it was the Senate Democrats who proudly defended Philibuster. 33 Senate Democrats were Senator Chuck Schumer, DN.Y. And Republican Mitch McConnell, the danger of eliminating Philibuster. Warn about sex.

While in Washington, Manchin added that he saw all political parties in power always wanting to “exercise absolute power.”

“Our founders were wise to perceive the temptation of absolute power and incorporate certain restraints and equilibria to force compromises that help maintain fragile democracy,” he said. I added. “The Senate, its processes and rules have evolved over time to make absolute power difficult, while providing solutions to the problems our country faces. I think it’s the Senate. I believe it is of the highest quality. “

“Yes, this process can be frustrating and time consuming,” he writes. “It will force a compromise that is not always ideal. But consider alternatives. We can really direct and demand everything that one party needs, whenever and when they want. Would you like to live in America? I’ve always said, “If you can’t go home and explain, you can’t vote.” And it cannot be rigorously explained to partisan election reforms or to blow up Senate rules to speed up the agenda of a party. “

Manchin and his colleague Senator Kyrsten Sinema (Democrat, Arizona) are facing backlash from other Democrats for refusing to vote in favor of the abolition of filibuster. Both moderate Democrats hold important votes in the Senate for Democrats to reach a simple majority.

Meanwhile, President Biden said on Tuesday that June “should be a month of action at Capitol Hill,” TV experts wonder why he hasn’t passed his legislative priorities. You might ask, but it’s possible that he mentions Manchin and Cinema, “in effect, four votes in the House of Representatives and two Senators in the Senate tie up with more votes with Republican friends.” High sex.

At a press conference Wednesday, White House spokesman Jen Psaki attempted to rewrite Mr. Biden’s remarks, claiming that the president had commented only on television commentators.

“I can tell you that these conversations can be oversimplified. Television isn’t necessarily made for complex conversations about policy making,” she said. It was. “The president simply wanted to convey that his limits, the Lithomas test strip, are not exactly the same in all the details of every issue, but different from Senator Cinema and Senator Manchin.”

“He believes that even if there are disagreements, he has the opportunity to work together to find something in common,” Psaki said.

However, Republicans have criticized Mr. Biden and his party for little cooperation in finding something in common with the Republican Party. Democrats used budget adjustments earlier this year to respond to the president’s COVID-19. The package was passed by a simple majority without Republican support.

“He’s been in the Senate for 36 years, so I’m well aware that sometimes it’s not straight to victory or success, it can be time consuming, and it opens up many paths,” says Psaki. Stated. “I don’t think he was trying to convey anything more than a little commentary on TV commentators.”

Biden’s comments convey a new position on filibuster, even though the reporter pointed out that Biden essentially accused two moderate Democrats of interfering with her agenda. I added that.

“His view of filibuster continues to be that Democrats and Republicans must have a path to facilitate voting and move forward for the progress of the American people. That position has not changed.” She said.

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