Mandatory Vaccines for Healthcare Workers “Under Review,” says UK Health Minister

The obligation of the CCP virus vaccine to UK front-line health workers is “under consideration,” Health Minister Sajid Javid said Tuesday.

Javid said it was “correct” to reflect the CCP’s viral policy in the context of the Omicron variant, and the government “reflected all this.”

This is the first sign from the government minister that suggests that the mandate, which is due to take effect on April 1, is controversial.

Until Monday, the government was asked to postpone or abandon the policy to avoid staff loss, with the mission being the “right approach”, in a report suggesting that the minister is considering a 11-hour postponement. He insisted that he proceeded as planned.

According to NHS guidance, frontline healthcare professionals must get their first shot by February 3rd and will not be relocated or fired without severance pay.

Javid verbally submitted evidence to the Parliamentary Health Insurance Commission, saying that about 100,000 NHS workers have been vaccinated against the CCP virus since the government began discussions on mandates in September 2021. I told MP.

“Now I think almost 95 percent of NHS workers have at least one jab. The latest number I have is about 77,000, which is not the case,” he said. Most of the unvaccinated staff said they were within the scope of their mission.

Javid told MP that “to be vaccinated is the occupational obligation of all NHS workers” and the “overall principle” of the obligation to vaccinate is “about patient safety”.

But he acknowledged that staff loss is part of a “cost factor” that also affects patient safety.

“When we made this decision, that was the principle, and we considered it. The main variant at the time was Delta Air Lines,” said Javid, “these in the light of Omicron. It is correct to reflect everything and continue to consider all COVID policies. “

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UK Health Minister Sajid Javid will speak at a press conference on January 19, 2022 in the Downing Street Briefing Room in central London to update the country on the COVID-19 pandemic. (HenryNicholls / Pool / AFP via Getty Images)

Unvaccinated NHS workers after Steve James, a consulting anesthesiologist at King’s College Hospital, told Javid that the science that mandates vaccines is “strong enough” and the government needs to consider at least nuances. Some doctors, many of whom oppose that obligation, have antibodies when previously exposed to the virus.

At a committee hearing from a member of the Diet about a previously infected NHS worker, the Minister of Health said: Protected … Therefore, it is less likely to infect others. This means that you are less likely to infect a patient who is already very vulnerable. “

However, this claim seems to be inconsistent with some recent studies suggesting that innate immunity to the CCP virus works better than vaccine-induced immunity.

A study published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on January 19 found that people who were not diagnosed with COVID-19, who were not infected with COVID-19, who were not infected with COVID-19, and COVID- We compared people who were not infected with 19. When vaccinated against a previous COVID-19 infection in two states during a delta wave, spontaneous immunity is superior to vaccine-induced immunity in terms of both infection and hospitalization, and vaccination is a previously infected person. And showed that there is virtually no difference.

An Israeli study in December 2021 also suggested that innate immunity is more long-term protective than vaccines.

The Epoch Times asked the Ministry of Health for comment.

Meanwhile, Javid told the Commission that people should learn to live with COVID-19 “as in the case of the flu.”

He also said that the UK’s “Life Plan with COVID”, announced in the spring, will show how the government plans to deal with new variants and when and how the NHS plans “surge capacity”. Said to show. Is required.

“Understand that we have unprecedented defenses in place. Just as things like the flu don’t stop society or life, don’t let COVID do it anymore. “He said.

Javid denies the accusations that the government has ignored the need for better workforce planning in health and social care, and the NHS is “fundamental” to address the untreated portion of care accumulated during the pandemic. He said he was considering a plan.

PA Media contributed to this report.

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