Manitoba PC Party Leadership Runner-up File Court Challenge to Election Results

Shelly Glover, slightly defeated by newly elected Manitoba Prime Minister Heather Stephenson, claims “substantial irregularities” during the PC leader elections

Shelly Glover, the runner-up in Manitoba’s Progressive Conservative Leadership Race, has filed a court application to challenge the victory of rival Heather Stephenson as the party’s new leader.

Stephenson was pledged as Manitoba’s 24th premiere on November 2nd.

Glover, who lost slightly to Stephenson when leader votes were counted on October 30, claimed that the elections had “substantial irregularities” and that the wrong person was sworn in.

On October 30, Progressive Conservative (PC) President Tom Weave announced that Stephenson had defeated Grabber with 363 votes to become Manitoba’s first female prime minister.

Results were announced in Around 5 pm at Victoria Inn in WinnipegThe new leader won 8,405 votes while Glover won 8,042.

Stephenson will replace her predecessor, Brian Parister. Get off After September Resign As a member of the Legislative Assembly on behalf of riding Fort Whyte in Winnipeg in October.

In the package of documents submitted to Queen’s Bench Court in Manitoba On November 2, Glover claimed that Stephenson’s victory was invalid and the Prime Minister’s Office was vacant.

“instead, [Glover] He was officially elected Prime Minister of Manitoba, “said the application.

Glover’s lawyer, Dave Hill, said in the same document that the reason for doing so was “it was calculated that there was considerable irregularity in the elections and would affect the outcome.”

Documents submitted to the court include An affidavit from Glover and one of her witnesses, Kevin Cook, a former police officer in Winnipeg.

Inside her AffidavitGlover said the PC party gave him a different number of votes than was finally given when Stephenson announced the winner.

“My campaign leader was provided with a spreadsheet at 12:27 am on October 30, 2021, which showed that 16,045 votes would be counted that day.” She said.

A former Conservative lawmaker added that he thought he had defeated Stephenson when he received 8,042 votes after announcing the results with “82 spoiled votes and 17 disputed ballots” around 5 pm.

“Immediately, given the number of votes I received, I believed I won the election,” Glover said, as her opponent left only 7,904 votes.

However, Webe continued to announce that Stephenson had received 8,405 votes, concluding that a total of 16,546 votes were counted instead of 16,045, she said.

Epoch Times Photo
Heather Stephenson speaks to the media after being sworn in as Manitoba’s 24th Prime Minister at the Manitoba Legislative Building in Winnipeg on November 2, 2021. (Canadian Press / David Lipnowski)

The Epoch Times asked the PC party for comment, but did not respond by the deadline.

In a statement emailed to the Canadian press on November 2, the PC party voted independently for leaders, counting ballots with party auditors and witnessing each campaign. He said he was supervised by a person.

“We hope that after our Election Commission has discussed with Mr. Glover and her adviser and responded to her concerns, we will find that the process and results have been processed appropriately, accurately and unfavorably.” Said the statement.

Cook did not agree.In him AffidavitHe said he saw several men under Weebe’s supervision removing “unsafe” ballot boxes from the count room on October 30.

He added that Destiny Watt, the chief witness of Glover’s campaign, asked Weebe why the unsealed ballot box was removed and the final number of votes.

“Mr. Weebe told Watt that the ballot box was fixed to the vehicle and she would” find a tally of votes with everyone else. “

“There are no witnesses from [Glover’s] The campaign was allowed to leave the ballot box to observe a series of unsealed ballot box controls. “

Talk to reporters at Press conference Following her oath, Stephenson called Glover’s legal challenge “really disappointing.”

“I’m not going to focus on that move,” she said on November 2. “We will be here to form a government and continue to listen to Manitoba.”

“Our focus must be on governance, not on these other situations,” he added.

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Isaac Theo


Isaac Teo is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.