Manslaughter was withdrawn against a man who killed an attacker in a violent burglary

The door of Cameron Gardiner was kicked early in the morning of January 22, 2019, and three masked men rushed into his house. One had a sword-off shotgun. He and his girlfriend were watching a movie.

After zipping the couple and Gardiner’s dog, the intruders took turns protecting them and looking for a place to live. What they didn’t know was that all the robbers were recorded in real time through surveillance cameras. Surveillance cameras were linked to Gardiner’s 19-year-old son’s mobile app, warning him of what was happening.

“My son kicks the door. I saw his flash there, and I knew it was my boy. And my buddy, the door struck him behind. , He dropped the gun, and I see my chance, “said Gardiner, an epoch of events that led to a second murder against him for blocking a violent home invasion in his townhouse. Collingwood, Ontario, told the Times, about 150 kilometers northwest of Toronto.

“I removed the cable ties. I tried to grab the gun and had a handle like a grip on the bottom. And another guy grabbed the part that slides his shotgun. And every time he tries to pull it apart, it’s [put a round in the chamber] Gardiner talks about what happened next.

“So when it pointed out the door, he shot his own friend. Then he was hit in the head and saw only stars and white. And when it cleared, I was under my throat. I had a gun so I stepped on the back of the coach and pushed [the gun] Apart, it disappeared [and hit] His chest. “

42-year-old Donovanbus and 52-year-old Hollywood stuntman Dean Kopkov died on the scene from a gunshot wound, and police charged Gardiner with murder hours later. The third intruder escaped through the window on the second floor.

Gardiner spent the next six months in prison and finally got bail in July 2019, but under harsh conditions.

After reviewing the evidence submitted in the preliminary hearing, Judge Stacy Nichols of the Ontario Court reduced Gardiner’s second murder charge for manslaughter in November 2020.

“I think Canada’s self-defense is alive and well. That’s why we finally won …. I know the facts are such a terrible place in terms of what the intruder did. There has never been a situation, “said Rob Macdonald, a self-defense lawyer who accused the Ontario Police (OPP) of rushing to investigate.

“They knew when the police arrived at the scene [Gardiner] At his house, tied up, he took off his guns from these bad guys and shot them. But the big question they were working on was whether he used excessive force beyond what he needed for self-defense, “McDonald explained.

“”[Police] They might have postponed that decision and thought about it, but instead they immediately charged him with a rather extreme murder the first night. “

The Epoch Times contacted the OPP for comment, but did not receive a response at the time of publication.

Security video footage showed a man looting a bedroom on the second floor, where Gardiner’s son, who was temporarily staying with his father, was known to be dealing with marijuana.

Gardiner says he didn’t know his son was dealing with drugs.

“He didn’t say anything to me. He asked me if I could go home a little because he was flooded at home … so I think they took him to my house. “

Gardiner said the intruder had recovered his son’s vault and demanded the combination after being tied up with a zipper. That’s when he was afraid of the worst.

“He started thrusting me into getting safe numbers with guns, knees, and heads, and I don’t know them. My son tried calling … and they Said, “You can answer it when we want to tell you, and you’re going to say what we want to say to you.” They threw a blanket over us, And I thought I was going to be shot right there. “

When his son arrived, he began fighting one of the outside invaders. At this point, Gardiner was released from his cable tie and the struggle for a shotgun continued.

“What to do first [the police] When they took me to the police station, they said, “We know your son sells drugs.” So what does that really have to do with the situation at hand? I thought it was more important than marijuana, as some people died, “says Gardiner.

More than two years of legal struggle have cost him both financially and personally, and Gardiner has lost his townhouse and girlfriend and has been away from his son since the invasion of the house.

“My son took off with a safe and left me hanging … I haven’t talked to him since that night,” he said.

“I lost everything. Everything in my house, they dumped it in the trash. They served me. [an eviction] Notice in jail, gave me 10 days to move, and I couldn’t do anything about it. “

A GoFundMe page Founded for Gardiner, it has raised $ 10,010 towards its $ 15,000 target by April 7.

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