Many Ontario police do not use the new COVID authority to carry out random stops

Toronto — Many Ontario police say they will not randomly stop drivers and people to enforce the new COVID-19 regulations.

Instead, they say they plan to deal with complaints and obvious violations.

Criticism of Doug Ford’s new powers over police is widespread and furious.

Authority allows police officers to stop someone and ask where they live and why they are not at home.

Failure to provide the information may result in fines or charges.

New pandemic measures include social gatherings and further restrictions on key retailers, the closure of some outdoor recreation centers, and the suspension of non-critical construction projects.

In announcing them, Ford said the state was “immediately after” and new measures were urgently needed.

Ford has extended the state’s stay-at-home order for another two weeks until May 20th. Outdoor meetings are restricted to members of the same household, but people living alone can join different households.

In addition, all recreational facilities such as sports fields, playgrounds and golf courses are closed.

Significant retailers need to reduce capacity limits to 25%, indoor religious services are limited to 10 people, and non-critical construction needs to be stopped.

Civil libertarians, politicians and analysts have accused the added police power.