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Unconventional Trump has not given the National Archives a record of his speech at a political rally

The White House has never provided the National Archives with an official copy of what Trump said at this rally in Louisville, Kentucky, on March 20, 2017. To understand their impact on history, they need to document their words. No one is convinced exactly what Abraham Lincoln said in his most famous speech, the Gettysburg Address. There are five known manuscripts, but they are all slightly different. All newspaper articles of the day contain different accounts. In the case of the modern president, as an official record, we rely on the transcription of all speeches collected by the country. But in the case of Donald Trump, there can be a huge gap in its historical record. Almost 10% of all presidential speeches are excluded from official records. And that means that a false picture of President Trump has been created in official records for posterity. In a speech by President George W. Bush when he confused Republican candidates, he repeated the same joke 50 times and drew a “short straw” to the audience to get him in place of Laura Bush. I apologized for that. Paul J. Richards / AFP / Getty Images Preservation of Records In 1957, the National Archives of Japan, part of the National Archives of Japan, stated that “to preserve, publish, and encourage the use of documentary sources related to US history.” I am active in. The state has recommended developing a unified system so that all material from the president can be archived. They literally did this to save the presidential record from the flames: President Warren G. Harding’s wife claimed to have burned all his records, and Robert Todd Lincoln burned all his father’s war correspondents. It was. Other presidents, such as Chester A. Arthur and Martin Van Buren, deliberately broke records. Therefore, the Government collects and retains all Presidential Communications, including Executive Orders, Announcements, Nominations, Statements, and Speeches. This includes public verbal communication by the President. It is also placed as an official document in the editing of presidential documents. These are some of the official records of all governments, published weekly by the White House Press Secretary, by the Federal Register and Records Administration. At most presidency, documents or transcripts are available days to weeks after the event. At the end of the administration, these documents form the basis of a formal collection of presidential official documents. As a political scientist, I am interested in where the president speaks. What can we learn about priorities based on location choices? What do these patterns tell us about administration? Barack Obama, for example, focused primarily on the state’s large media market, which strongly supported him. Trump also went to supportive locations, including small media markets such as Mankato, Minnesota. There, the airport wasn’t even big enough to fly on a regular Air Force One. Presidential speeches often give a very different perception of the administration. You can quickly reach the point of your visit in text without having to have all the pageants. In a speech by President George W. Bush during the 2002 midterm elections, he made the same jokes as an icebreaker more than 50 times. He apologized for the audience drawing a “short straw” and getting him in place of Laura. His commitment to the joke glimpsed his desire to try to connect with the audience through self-deprecating humor. I noticed something strange when I pulled items out of the compilation and started organizing my location database for the Donald Trump administration. I was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, and pay attention to my home state. I knew that Donald Trump held a public rally in Louisville on March 20, 2017. There, in a winding speech, he touched on everything that was “illegal immigrants”, building border walls, from Kentucky miners to the Supreme Court of China. He said he robbed and killed Americans. However, when I looked up the edits in mid-2017, I couldn’t find a Louisville speech. I thought there was no problem. They are just lagging behind and will put it in later. A year later, I realized that Louisville’s speech wasn’t there yet. In addition, other speeches were lacking. These were not speeches, only Trump rallies. In my calculations, 147 individual copies of publicly spoken events are missing from Trump’s official presidential speech record. That’s just over 8% of his presidential speech. President Chester A. Arthur, his family burned much of his presidential record. This was not uncommon for the president’s family. Orepeter Hansenbering, Artist; National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institute The Presidential Records Act, first passed in 1978, states that “all documents related to the political activities of the president or presidential staff must be retained. Only if there is such activity. It is related to or has a direct impact on the president’s constitutional, statutory, or other public or ceremonial obligations. ”The administration is purely private. Or it is permitted to exclude personal records that do not affect the duties of the President. Includes all public events, including brief comments about South Lawn, short interactions with reporters, all public speeches, radio addresses, and even payphones to astronauts on the Space Shuttle. But what Trump’s large public rally and what he said to them has so far been omitted from the public records his administration provided for editing presidential documents. And while historians and the general public can get copies from publicly available videos, they still do not address the need to have a complete official collection of these statements. According to federal law, the president “excludes materials that are not directly related to or have a direct impact on the performance of the president’s duties and are directly related to the election of a particular individual to a federal, state, or municipality. The law is interpreted to mean that the administration may omit notes, e-mails, or other documents from what it sends to the editorial. Many presidents do not provide a record of speeches at private fundraising events, but rallies covered by the US press may not fall under these exclusions. Why is it important? Government documents are one of the main records of who we are as citizens. These primary records speak directly to Americans. They are not what others talk to us or interpret us about our history. The government edits and stores these records to provide accurate accounting for state-selected leaders. It provides a fully shared history instead of the excerpts and quick clips that appear in news reports. [Deep knowledge, daily. Sign up for The Conversation’s newsletter.] Since 1981, the public has legally owned all presidential records. As soon as the president resigns, national archivists gain legal custody of all of them. The president is generally honored to be a good manager of history. There is no actual penalty for violations. However, these public documents that I always deal with have always been publicly available and are readily available. Internal presidential documents, such as notes and emails, have rigorous archiving procedures that last for years before they become accessible. I have a record of all presidential speeches from 1945 to 2021-all presidents since Clinton have all public speeches available online. Until President Trump, the permanent collection was full of speeches. By removing these speeches, Trump has created a false perception of the president, making it look more serious and traditional. By the way, the 2017 Louisville speech is still missing from the 2021 record. This article has been republished by The Conversation, a non-profit news site aimed at sharing ideas from academic experts. Author: Shannon Bow O’Brien, University of Texas at Austin, Liberal Arts. Read more: Scripts and speeches away from cuffs are organizations that turn Biden’s campaign around or benefit from this article and do not disclose any affiliations other than academic appointments.