Many spectators still caused the Tour de France crash

Perros-Guirec, France — French police on Sunday were still looking for spectators to send Tony Martin. As a result, most of the Tour de France protons crashed on the opening stage, requiring fans to act on their side. road.

On Saturday, Martin was tumbled when he rode straight onto a cardboard sign presented by a fan looking in the opposite direction of the TV camera, causing confusion with the remaining 47 kilometers of the stage.

“The Landerneau police are under investigation and have not yet responded,” Tour’s deputy director Pierre Yves Touoh told Reuters after the organizer’s ASO filed a proceeding against an unidentified audience. Said.

“We will call on our fans to act many times through roadside police and our social networks,” Thouault added.

“Most fans are peaceful, but I would like to come to see the tour and emphasize that they don’t take selfies and keep their kids close to you.”

Israel-Start-Up Nation sports manager Rick Felbrugge said the riders enjoyed the support of their fans, but put extra stress on Proton.

“It’s good that all these fans are on the side of the road, but that brings extra stress and danger,” he told reporters.

“The first crash was also due to the fans. Most of the time, the fans are pretty dangerous because they narrow the road. But it’s part of the game and it makes cycling so exciting and so beautiful. There is. “

Martin, one of the dozens of riders who landed on the ground on Saturday, urged fans to pay more respect.

“This message is for those who think the Tour de France is a circus, who are at risk of taking a selfie with a high speed Peloton at 50 km / h. Respect the rider and the Tour de France.” The French write on Instagram. ..

“Use your head or stay home!”

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