Maricopa County states that the voting machines summoned for the 2020 election audit will not be used in the future

The voting machine summoned by the Republican-led Arizona Senate to audit the 2020 elections will be removed from service, Maricopa County officials announced Monday.

Maricopa County Attorney Alistair Adele answered A review of their May 20 letter from Arizona’s Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbes “Security and integrityThe audit involved gathering information from equipment leased from the voting machine company Dominion Voting Systems, which faced a lawsuit to combat the wave of fraudulent election claims.

“Maricopa County voters can rest assured that the county will never use equipment that could pose a risk to free and fair elections. The county will certify equipment for use in Arizona elections. Hobbs recognizes the authority of Secretary Hobbs under ARS ยง 16-442, and as a result, the county will not use subpoena equipment in future elections. “

“Maricopa County has focused on this possibility Danger In February, when I asked the court for guidance on the Senate subpoena. Since then, the county has implemented a backup plan that includes acquiring new counting equipment for the March and May 2021 jurisdiction elections, “the statement added.

The audit began earlier this year after the Arizona Senate received a favorable ruling from a judge who determined that the subpoena was “legal and enforceable.”A local reporter said on Monday that Senate Arizona agreed to Maricopa County in April. No need to pay About the cost of damages or machine replacement, and the spokesman said it “it has not been decided” Whether the county seeks redemption.

Arizona Audit Boss Claims The CIA may have created “disinformation” in a new movie fraud election

An auditor, led by a private sector cyber ninja, announced last week that ballot inspection had been completed.This happened less than two weeks after the auditor Recount finished Of the 2.1 million votes cast in Arizona’s most populous county, there are some exceptions, such as Braille voting.

Ken Bennett, liaison for the Maricopa County Election Audit in the Arizona Senate, recently told OAN that he hopes the findings will be released in August. However, it can be as early as late July and at the latest on Workers’ Day.

Maricopa County Officials And Hobbes We take the lead in raising concerns about the audit process and security.Critics commented that the results of two previous election machine audits conducted for the Maricopa County Supervisory Board Irregularity In the county’s 2020 elections.There was also a recount of ballot samples, but it wasn’t. If there is a problem..

Hobbs said in a May letter that he consulted her office for guidance from election security experts, including those working at the Department of Homeland Security’s cybersecurity and infrastructure security agencies. Hobbs threatened to revoke subpoena equipment“It applies only to certain parts of the subpoena election facility that the county has handed over to the Senate and its contractors, not to the underlying Dominion voting system,” she emphasized.

Equipment worth millions of dollars Used in the 2020 election, Including tabulating machine.county Leasing equipment From Dominion under a three-year $ 6.1 million contract.

On Monday, Maricopa County said, “Because backup equipment and other certified counting equipment have not been summoned, supervisory boards, election departments, and recording agencies have worked with current vendors to replace the summoned equipment. Elections in November 2021. “

Senator Karen Fann of Arizona said the audit was not intended to overturn the 2020 election results, but to restore confidence in the system and affect the potential for changes in voting law. Said that.

Nonetheless, former President Donald Trump and his allies are cheering for Maricopa County audits as they continue to claim that the 2020 contest was stolen due to widespread fraud. Trump and his allies have legally challenged the results in several states and have been totally dismissed by the courts.

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An audit of Maricopa County, centered on the Phoenix Veterans Memorial Coliseum, attracted Republicans from other states, including: PennsylvaniaInspired imitation review calls in, Georgia, Wisconsin, and elsewhere.

US Department of Justice Recently sent a signal Attorney General Merrick Garland said, “In the 2020 elections, by law enforcement and intelligence agencies of both this and previous administrations, and all courts, federals and states that have considered them.”

President Joe Biden Of the more than 3.3 million people cast across the state, more than 10,000 votes won Arizona.His lead of about 2 percentage points was partly due to his dominance in Maricopa County, including Phoenix, which was scored by the Democratic Party. Almost 45,000 More votes than former President Donald Trump.

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