Marin Alsop claims that suspicion of bullying by palace staff caused a line of Kate Megan.


Megan, & # xa0; The Duchess of Sussex used an interview with Oprah Winfrey earlier this year to present an alternative version of the story, claiming that it was she who shed tears-Samir Hussein / WireImage

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, used an interview with Oprah Winfrey earlier this year to present an alternative version of the story, claiming that she was the one who shed tears-Samir Hussein / WireImage.

Kirsty Allsop claimed that the Duchess of Sussex faced the Duchess of Cambridge on suspicion of her bullying of palace staff on the day of the infamous line before the royal wedding.

The TV presenter suggests that the Duchess of Cambridge continued to cry after “losing control” during a discussion with her future sister-in-law in May 2018.

Using Megan Markle Interview with Oprah Winfrey Earlier this year, she offered an alternative version of the story, claiming she was the one who shed tears.

“She made me cry, and it really hurt my feelings,” Megan told the host of a chat show in the United States.

However, Alsop, who counts the Duchess of Cornwall as a close family friend, claimed that Megan omitted mentioning her argument as being rude to the royal courtiers.

“Kate never loses her temper, but she finds Megan rude to the staff at Kensington Palace and she’s angry with her,” Alsop told Telegraph.

“Then, Kate lost control and tried to fix things with Megan’s flowers, so she burst into tears.”

Bullying allegations were rejected

Buckingham Palace started review in 2018 Megan was forcing two PAs And one-third of the self-confidence is lost. This week, a lawyer for the Duchess of Sussex said she “absolutely denied” the bully’s staff.

Location Location Ms. Allsopp, who presents a show that includes location, previously talked about her connection to the royal family.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, is a childhood friend of her deceased mother, Lady Fiona Hindlip, and the godfather of her brother Henry, an art dealer.

The explanation for her argument is the third to be publicly aired three years ago after Telegraph first reported that the Duchess of Cambridge shed tears following the bridesmaid dress worthy of Princess Charlotte. ..

“Kate had just given birth to Prince Louis and was very emotional,” said one insider at the time.

However, the Duchess of Sussex counterattacked during an interview with Opla, claiming that it was the Duchess of Cambridge who made her cry while planning the wedding, and vice versa.

“The opposite has happened,” Megan said. “And I don’t say I look down on anyone because it was a really tough week for the wedding. And she got angry with something, but she owned it. , And she apologized.

“And she brought me flowers and notes and apologized.

“I’m not going to share this and look down on her. [Kate]”She continued.” I hope she fixes it. “

A big change in the relationship with the royal family

The Duchess said that her sister-in-law said, “Apologize, I [had] I forgave her, “he added, adding that the report made a big difference in her relationship with the royal family.

“That was the turning point, it was when everything changed,” she said. “It was the beginning of the character assassination and they knew it wasn’t true. They really want a story of heroes and villains.”

Reportedly, Jason Knauf, a former communications secretary at Sussexes, filed a formal complaint in October 2018 explaining that Megan’s treatment of one employee was “totally unacceptable.”

“The Duchess always seems eager to have someone in front of her,” he added.

Earlier this week, a lawyer for the Duchess of Sussex appeared in a controversial BBC documentary, claiming that the story had “massive and massive inaccuracies.”

“Bullying really means the repeated and intentional improper use of force to hurt someone physically or emotionally,” said Jenny Afia.

“The Duchess of Sussex has absolutely denied doing so, but she doesn’t want to deny someone’s personal experience.”

A spokesman for the Duke of Cambridge and the Duchess declined to comment.