Marines open another probe in a tank that sank due to an error

San Diego (AP) — Marines prepare their troops before participating in a tragic exercise in which a crew tank sank off the coast of Southern California, killing eight Marines and one crew at the end. We have started an investigation to investigate the situation. In the summer, officials said on Tuesday.

The announcement was made by the Maritime Branch, which revealed that the accident off San Clemente Island on July 30 was caused by inadequate training, poor maintenance of amphibious attack vehicles, and inadequate judgment by the commander. It will be held more than a week after that.

Training accidents, 70 miles (113 km) from the San Diego coast, have been one of the most deadly accidents for the Marines in recent years. Leaders said it could have been prevented.

Marines use vehicles to transport troops and their equipment from naval vessels to land. Armored vehicles equipped with machine guns and grenade launchers look like tanks when landing for beach attacks, and Marines pour from them to position.

Marine Corps officials did not reveal why it triggered the anomalous move to launch additional investigations that began on Friday and could lead to new disciplinary action. The board of directors, led by Vice Admiral Karl Mandy, will consider the formation, preparation and training of the 15th Marine Expeditionary Force at Camp Pendleton, and oversight by headquarters.

“The goal is to make sure that the Marine Corps is doing everything possible to prevent the recurrence of this type of accident,” the Marine Corps statement said.

A research report released on March 25 puts the crew of an amphibious attack vehicle in the dark and uses cell phone lights to desperately find an unmarked escape hatch when getting in the water. We have elaborated on the many failures and oversights we have tried.

There were no safety boats nearby to save them.

As a result, three commanders were dismissed, including the leader of the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit. The other seven military personnel faced administrative or disciplinary action.

The Marine Corps announced the investigation after notifying all families of those who died.Some of the family said Washington post They wondered why the general was not held accountable.

“Why are these men no longer allowed to manage people’s lives?” Christiana Sweetwood of Danville, Virginia, said last week that her son was among those murdered. He said in an interview with the newspaper. “No. That’s the angry part of what I’m talking about. Are these generals down and these low-level guys responsible?”