Mariupol police officer asks Macron’s Biden for help

Mariupol, Ukraine (AP) —Ukrainian police officers in Mariupol warned: The besieged port city was “cleaned from the surface of the earth” He begged the Presidents of the United States and France to provide his country with a modern air defense system.

In the video Position Mariupol’s police officer Mikhail Berschnin promised “but that’s not the only thing we’ve received” to President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron from a rubble-covered street, promising civilians. I urged you to save.

“Children and seniors are dying. The city has been destroyed and wiped from the surface of the earth,” he said in Russian in a video shot on Friday certified by the Associated Press.

Among them, you can see flames coming from some buildings, but others were decimated in the city of the Sea of ​​Azov, where there were 440,000 people before the invasion of Russia. I also heard an apparent explosion.

“You promised to help, give us that help. Biden, Macron, you are a great leader. Do it to the end,” he said.

Vaschnin said the city faces the fate of the Syrian city Aleppo It was destroyed in 2016 by a Russian-backed siege from the Syrian Revolution to the Civil War. Russia supports Syria’s President Bashar Assad’s government with a ruthless strategy, blocking siege around opposition-controlled areas, bombing and starving them until the population’s ability to withstand collapses. rice field.

A few years ago, Mariupol survived a fierce battle with Russia-backed separatists after Russia annexed the Crimean in 2014, but managed to defeat repeated assaults.


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