Marjorie Taylor Green Calls Heckler Cops With Whistle




manager marjorie taylor green (R-GA) Her office says protesters were whistling at a press conference Friday night while a heckler called 911 for a noise that “hit everyone.”

“As you can see, we have paid protesters here today,” Green said, as the sounds of chaos blared in the background outside the venue. DC Jail with Jan 6 Defendants I am behind the bar. The noise seemed to come entirely from one demonstrator he had. “And they can whistle and say whatever they want, but we won’t be deterred. We don’t care about them because they work for evil.” ‘ declared Greene.

after that TweetMAGA firefighters said the protester, who was wearing a mask and glasses, “must be arrested and we tried to get him arrested.”

She claimed that he “attempted to assault me ​​and other members many times.”

On Friday night, Green spokesman Nick Dyer told the Daily Beast that after their office called local police about the protesters who filed a whistleblower complaint, the police said they would remain in the area until the whistle-blowers left the area. “It didn’t arrive,” he said.

“No one in prison tried to stop it,” he added. DC Criminal Law About harassment. “The 911 call put him on hold for over four minutes,” Metropolitan Police spokesperson Officer Hugh Carew told the Daily Beast. (Unified Communications personnel at his office who handle 911 calls and his 311 calls did not immediately respond to The Daily Beast’s request for comment.)

Greene’s Friday Night Tour to Jail – With Fellow Republican Rep. Byron Donald (Florida) Anna Paulina Luna (FL), and Eli Crane (AZ) were another attempt by lawmakers to draw attention to what they claimed amounted to “human rights violations.”

“These men have been detained, their due process rights violated, and they have been abused,” she said at a press conference.

This isn’t the first time Green’s pressers have been drowned out by whistleblowing hecklers.

Bathroom fight fuels split between Marjorie Taylor Green and Lauren Boubert

Congressman before the Justice Department in July 2021. Matt Gates (R-FL) and Green had to cut short their event After the event goes sideways.

“To those who are whistling, we will not hesitate,” added the lawmaker at the time.

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