Marjorie Taylor Green files impeachment articles against Garland

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia) announced Friday that she has filed an impeachment article against Attorney General Merrick Garland after the FBI’s raid on the former president’s residence in Florida confused Republicans. .

Green’s resolution is the Attorney General’s “Personal authorization to seek search warrants for house searches of 45 peopleth US President Donald J. Trump constitutes a blatant attempt to persecute his political opponents. “

The search warrant was approved by a federal judge and opened Friday after the Justice Department and Trump’s lawyers agreed.

The warrant shows that the FBI has secured classified material that was brought into Mar-a-Lago, suggesting the former president is being investigated for possible espionage law violations.

Republicans, including Mr. Green, have repeatedly accused the Justice Department of pursuing Mr. Trump for political reasons.

Her resolution stated that Garland’s “efforts to open a search warrant for former President Donald J. Trump’s home would intimidate, harass, and potentially harass political challengers to President Joseph R. Biden Jr. constitutes an attempt to disqualify the

The White House said Biden was unaware of the FBI raid and provided no evidence to dispute it. A Justice Department spokeswoman declined to comment to The Hill.

Articles of impeachment against Garland are unlikely to pass in Congress, given the Democratic majority, and it’s not clear how many Republicans will support the resolution.

Contributed by Mike Lilith.

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