Marjorie Taylor Green likens Democrats to pigs and wants to help shoot them dead


Right-wing parliamentarian. marjorie taylor green (R-Ga.) launched a contest on Tuesday to go with her to hunt wild pigs in Texas. In a video shared on Facebook, militant lawmakers likened Democrats to wild animals tearing up farmers’ crops.

“There is soaring inflation, high levels of diesel fuel, and the Democrats’ last policy in America,” Mr. Green said. her use of violent rhetoricincluding Democrats.

“Democrats aren’t the only ones destroying farmers’ ability to produce food,” she continued, noting (correctly) how wild pigs have been involved in destroying farmers’ fields.

Watch the video here:

A montage of her shooting pigs from a helicopter and later posing on the ground with a supposed corpse follows.

The video ends with calls to “help American farmers”, “stop communism”, and sign up for a contest.

Critics were less than impressed with Green’s latest divisive stunt.

This article originally appeared on huff post and updated.