Marjorie Taylor Green reportedly erupted at balloon briefing

manager marjorie taylor green (R-Ga.) appears to have made a spectacle of himself again at a gathering of congressmen – this time with a classified briefing suspected of being a Chinese spy balloon.

“I tore it to pieces!” Green boasted gleefully. The Hill When asked about her behavior at Thursday’s briefing.

One unidentified lawmaker who attended the meeting described her actions as “irrational,” according to the outlet.

“When she had to ask a question, she would loudly ‘bullshit’ and say, ‘I don’t believe you.’ Just screaming and yelling is absurd in my estimation,” the lawmaker told The Hill.

Greene reportedly complained about having to wait his turn to speak and lashed out at military officials present at the briefing.

“We had to wait in line the whole time. I think I was the penultimate, but we chewed them up just like Americans do,” Greene told The Hill.

Green said he was furious that the balloon had not been blown out of the sky earlier. It spent four days drifting over the United States before being shot down off the Atlantic coast last Saturday to avoid undue danger to civilians.

After Greene lashed out last week at former President Donald Trump for never allowing balloons to even cross the U.S. border, the Pentagon later revealed it had found three suspected Chinese surveillance balloons. bottom. “passed through” the country when Trump was president.

The latest explosion occurred just two days after Greene. “Liar!” he cried. When President Joe Biden blasted Republicans in his State of the Union address for strategies to erode Social Security. some Republicans — apparently unbeknownst to Greene — is just do that.

Her actions have led House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-California) to ‘Shut up’ green on national television He sat behind Biden as the president delivered his speech.

Longtime Democratic Counsel James Carville Accused of hecklers, including Greenfor their actions during Biden’s speech.

“The level of white trash in the Republican Party is staggering,” he told MSNBC’s Ali Melber on Thursday.