Marjorie Taylor-Green shares unhinged details of her ‘national divorce’ idea

manager marjorie taylor green (R-Ga.) has revealed what her proposed “national divorce” looks like.

Far-right agitators on Tuesday expanded divisive rhetoric saw her denounced Even by many Democrats and some Republicans over the long weekend. On President’s Day, Green tweeted, “We need a national divorce,” calling on the country to “divide the red and blue states.”

many critics interpreted her proposal She was widely criticized for using divisive and dangerous rhetoric as a call to secede.

In Green’s estimation, so-called national divorce would not result in civil war, but would instead give states the power to govern themselves. He suggested that he could implement a law that would temporarily disqualify Americans from voting and openly discriminate against LGBTQ people.

“Well, if people get divorced, we don’t need a Ministry of Education,” she said. “Red states and blue states will control education in each state.”

“They don’t allow gender lies to be taught in schools. We will give you a choice,” he added.

If Democratic voters choose to move between states, Republican states may decide to temporarily strip them of their constitutional rights, Green said.

“If they go red, guess what? Maybe you won’t be able to vote for five years,” she said. “You can live there, you can work there, but you can’t deliver the value you fundamentally create by voting for Democratic leaders.”

Civil war broke out in the United States in 1861 after the Confederacy of Southern States seceded over slavery. The war lasted his four years and killed over 600,000 soldiers.