Marjorie Taylor Greene makes a U-turn on the “America First” caucuses after a Republican blowback

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Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene She canceled her plans to launch “America First Caucus” after experiencing significant backlash from lawmakers within the Republican Party.

“The House of Representatives wants to make it clear that she hasn’t launched anything. This was an early plan proposal and no agreement or approval was given,” a spokesman said. CNN..

On Friday, Punch Bowl News received a document detailing Congressman Green and his “America First Caucus.” Paul Gosar.. The wording of this document included recruiting people with “Anglo-Saxon political traditions” and returning to an architectural style “suitable for the descendants of European architecture.”

“She doesn’t approve the language and has no plans to launch anything,” Green’s spokesman said after Congressman faced scrutiny at a caucuses.

Independent We asked Green’s office for comment.

In a series of tweets on Saturday, Ms. Green described the document as “a staff-level draft proposal from an external group” and claimed she hadn’t read it before it was released.

She accused the media of “false stories” and focused on the race “dividing Americans by hatred through identity politics.”

However, Ms. Green did not deny plans to launch “America First Caucus,” saying she supported the former president. Donald Trump“America First Agenda”.

“America First policy will save us all, our children, and ultimately the world,” she wrote.

The reversal from Ms. Green’s office took place the day after Kevin McCarthy, the leader of the Republican House of Representatives, appeared to be criticizing the plans for the caucuses.

“America is based on the idea that we are all created equally and that success comes from honest and diligent efforts. It is not built on identity, race or religion,” he said. I tweeted.

“The Republican Party is Lincoln’s party, not the dog whistle of immigrant exclusion, but the party of more opportunities for all Americans.”

Rep. Liz Cheney, the third-largest Republican in the House of Representatives, also tweeted. “Republicans believe in equal opportunity, freedom and justice for all. We teach our children the values ​​of tolerance, dignity and moral courage. Semitism is evil. History is all of us. Teach us that we have an obligation to confront and reject such malicious hatred. “

Democrats have accused the caucuses, including Congressman Ted Lieu of California, after the first caucuses were revealed on Friday. His family came to the United States from Taiwan when he was three years old.

“As an immigrant, I was active in the U.S. military to protect your right to stupid things. What makes America great is you, not judging you based on pedigree. It means seeing the character of the United States, and stabbed it, “said Liu.

California State Assembly member Katie Hill said the caucuses should be rebranded to be called the “white power caucuses.”

According to Punch Bowl News, Ms. Green wasn’t the only Republican to plan to form a caucuse. Congressman Paul Gosar has also been nominated as co-leader of the group.

However, in a statement on Saturday, Mr Gosar denied his involvement and said he would “continue to tackle America’s first problem at HouseFreedom Caucus.” Parliamentarians also claimed to be the first to know about the caucuses from Punch Bowl News reports.

representative Matt GaetzCurrently facing an investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct and sexual trafficking by the Justice Department and the Home Ethics Commission, announced on Friday that he would be happy to participate in “America First Caucus.”

“We are proud to join @mtgreenee at #AmericaFirstCaucus. End the war, stop illegal immigrants and promote fair trade for American workers. This is America’s last crowd of big media, It’s a hit from Big Tech. & Big Government “.

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