Marjorie Taylor Greene presents three more impeachment articles against Biden


Republican fire brand Marjorie Taylor Greene introduced a fresh slate of impeachment articles against President Joe Biden on Friday.

Three charges imposed by Georgia’s House of Representatives are “waiver of duty” for Byden’s response to the situation in Afghanistan, “border crisis”, and “depriving parliamentary authority and supreme.” Ignoring the jurisdiction of the court. “Biden administration Evacuation Moratorium During the coronavirus pandemic.

“Joe Biden lost worldwide respect to the United States in a short seven months. The evidence is clear and his actions are so terrible that he must be impeached,” Green said in a statement. “.

Since Republicans are a minority in Congress, any effort to impeach Biden faces a long probability.advance Impeachment set The article submitted by Green on January 21st, the day after Biden’s inauguration, went nowhere.Focus on claims “Corruption” He was involved in Biden’s diplomacy with Ukraine as Vice President and his son Hunter Biden’s foreign commerce.

Bannon says Trump should become a speaker in 2024, lead Biden’s impeachment, resign, and run for president.

Still, there is growing call for Biden’s right to impeach, including by conservative commentators. Mark Levine also highlights the use of Article 25 of the Constitutional Amendment, Dan Bongino, When Jenna Ellis, Senior Legal Advisor to former President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign.

House minority leader Kevin McCarthy, who could chair in 2023 if the Republicans gain control of the House of Representatives in the midterm elections next year, said Told Fox News This week he is open to that idea.

“If Biden acts illegally, he will impeach him,” said a California Republican. “But we are not going to move the impeachment for political purposes.”

Trump was impeached twice by the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives, once in connection with Ukraine and once in connection with the January 6 Parliamentary riots, but twice by the Republican-led Senate. I was acquitted. In a Friday press release, Green acknowledged the general lack of willingness to initiate a more fragmented impeachment process, but argued that “the security and security of the country and the American people” was at stake.

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“We are a poor country. Our foreign allies, and even our own citizens, can no longer trust our government in the hands of Joe Biden. The President is our It is the duty of Congress to hold the president accountable when endangering the country and ignoring the rules. Rule of law. “

“Currently, our government is illegal because it no longer serves its citizens. In order for our allies and citizens to trust the government, we must regain respect for the United States,” Green said. Added. “Joe Biden must be impeached, tried in the Senate, convicted and dismissed.”

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