Marjorie Taylor Greene reports her first funding loss

Photo Illustration by Luis G. Rendon / The Daily Beast / Getty

Photo Illustration by Luis G. Rendon / The Daily Beast / Getty

Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA)’s campaign committee reported its first-ever net loss on Friday, recording a $ 314,000 deficit in the first three months of 2022, and the sum of previous donations. Has been revised downward by more than $ 100,000.

About half of that loss is reflected in Donald Trump’s January 6 Supreme Lawyer fee and security details that protected Kyle Rittenhouse in last year’s trial.

Green has always traded slightly higher returns for higher fees, but she has always been at the top — ever.

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She pierced the bucket last quarter as her campaign committee, Greene for Congress, spent about $ 1.38 million and received a donation of only $ 1.06 million. The cost of financing alone wiped out three-quarters of these receipts.

Greene has been involved in expensive digital funding activities in the past, and reports have pointed out that fees are lying to the swelling flow of small donations.

But last quarter, MAGAworld’s leading actress made a big bet on direct mail, spending more than $ 400,000 on printing, postage, and related costs. When that money was added to consulting, list rental and digital fees, Greene for Congress spent more than $ 735,000 on funding efforts.

To make matters worse, on the same day the campaign submitted the new report, it also submitted three amendments to last year’s previous report, acknowledging the Commission’s exaggeration of donations of more than $ 100,000. The campaign currently holds approximately $ 3 million in cash on hand, which is equivalent to approximately $ 900,000 in net income over the last 12 months.

Greene has spent a lot of money elsewhere this year, especially for personal security, accumulating about $ 140,000.Almost all of them are Knoxville-based executive protection companies. KaJor GroupThis too Processed security For Kenosha archer Kyle Rittenhaus during last year’s trial.

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Before the 2020 election Received protection Free from members of the Oath Keepers rebel militia group, this is an extraordinary surge in security costs.

Last year Mainly Democrats Those who have taken advantage of the Federal Election Commission’s post-rebellion ruling that they can hire bodyguards with election funds. That year, Senators Rafael Warnock, John Osov, and Mark Kelly paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars for personal protection, and Congress Green reported protection costs just north of $ 12,000. This is less than 10% of the amount she paid to Kajor Group in the previous quarter.

It’s not immediately clear why Green hired a new company. A spokesman for the campaign was asked about her first appearance in late January and told The Daily Beast, “Due to its delicate nature, I won’t elaborate on her security.”

However, a spokesperson quoted an increasing threat to lawmakers, including: Arrest A New York man made a threatening call to Green’s DC office last month.

“Our staff have reported more than 20 threats to the Capitol Police in the past week,” a spokesman said in a text message with a link to Greens. response Jimmy Kimmel Live in a controversial recent segment.

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A spokesperson added that Green also faced a “significant amount” of threats surrounding the first anniversary of the January 6 attack on the US Capitol in January.

Ironically, many of Green’s own colleagues Evacuation They say they are partially attacking her rhetoric Give power The violent element of the right wing.

A few days after the anniversary of January 6, Green proposed using a gun to defend against the Democrats.

“In the end, the truth is that it is the right and armed right of our Constitutional Amendment to give us the ability to protect Americans and protect themselves from tyranny,” Green said. increase. Said January 11th, Sebastian Gorka, a right-wing talk host. Have got. “

Rita Katz, Executive Director of SITE Intelligence Group, Tracking Radical Groups Said The hill where those comments play an important role.

“Some lawmakers are certainly a source of threat. Comments from people like Marjorie Taylor Greene are regularly shared and translated into the cry of a rally in the far right several segments,” Katz said. I did.

Green seems to have expanded his relationship until January 6th in one or more ways.

Three days after the statement in Article 2 of the Constitutional Amendment, the Green Campaign hired Trump’s legal adviser, John Eastman, and placed a $ 10,000 holder in his company, the Constitutional Advisory Group, on January 14. ..

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Eastman, a conservative legal scholar Made a plan Being on the side of Trump on January 6th to overturn the number of electoral colleges, it continues to be the central focus of Congress’s investigation into the events surrounding the riots.

green Currently facing A constitutional objection to her candidacy to help the rebels on January 6, and many outside lawyer applications remain sealed in court, but the proceedings were the number paid by Eastman. It was raised a week later in March. Neither Green nor her campaign are listed in the state court records of her home in Floyd County, Georgia.

Asked why the campaign hired Eastman, the campaign provided a statement suggesting that the issue contained constitutional concerns, but did not elaborate further.

“Dr. Eastman is one of the leading constitutional lawyers in the country. We occasionally sought his advice when we needed advice on a major constitutional issue,” he said. “But the specific issues we sought his advice on are protected by attorney / client privileges.”

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